Sunday, June 8, 2014

Parties, parties, and more parties

We have entered the week of parties around here. Yesterday (June 7) we attended the birthday party of a friend of ours. One of my mom's co-workers has a 4-year-old daughter that we've become friends with. Back in March Sandra saw a picture of the birthday cake I made for my mom and asked if I could make cupcakes for her daughter's party. So I did. I really enjoy decorating cakes and cupcakes, so I didn't mind at all. She just asked to have the cupcakes decorated with blue icing and cake toppers put on (picture below). The other guests at the party thought the cupcakes looked really cute. One person asked if decorating cakes was what I did. That's quite the compliment since it's not what I do!

However, I wasn't expecting everything that would end up falling on my plate around the same time. I have a check list of what I need to do each day through June 14th because I have 2 more parties this week to prepare for. 

Coming up on Wednesday is Sanaa's end of the year party at school. Her teacher sent out an email asking which parents could help. I said I could help..... But now I'm coordinating it. The other 4 moms that said they could help have hardly responded to emails or given any input as to what to do at the party (I even sent an email out on Friday listing items we needed and asking who could bring what and I haven't gotten any responses!). I'm a little frustrated since I hadn't planned to coordinate this because my kids' birthday party has been schedule for this coming Saturday (June 14th!). The invitations to the birthday party were handed out before I even knew about Sanaa's end of the year party. Otherwise I would not have scheduled to do two parties within a 3 day period. So if you run into me this week and wonder why I'm a little stressed it's because I have more on my plate than I anticipated. 

All that aside, my kids (yes, all three of them!) are going to have a Disney Frozen party on Saturday. I wanted to make the girls some capes, so I bought some fabric with a gift card (1/2 a yard for each cape) and some ribbon. I made an Elsa cape for Sanaa and an Anna cape for Layla. I had grand plans on how I wanted the capes to look, but gave up on my grand ideas. There's just not enough time this week. So I left the capes in the rectangle shape they were cut when I bought them. I trimmed a little off of Sanaa's so it wasn't quite as long (although later, once it was finished she informed that it should have been longer). For Sanaa's cape I folded white ribbon over the edge of the fabric and sewed it. Then I sewed a longer piece along the top to tie it around her.

For Layla's cape, I also sewed some ribbon around the edges, but I used a wavy ribbon. Along the top, I used a straight piece of ribbon so we could tie it on her. The capes are not fancy at all, but both Sanaa and Layla think they are the best capes ever.

I tried to get some pictures of them with their capes, but they kept making silly faces.

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