Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Our new pets and fun at the butterfly exhibit

The Saturday before Memorial Day I went to my parents house. In their little pond/fountain they had a lot of tadpoles! The kids were fascinated by them and I wanted to catch some to bring home. I was able to catch 14-15 (it's hard to count them since they keep moving around!). So far they are still alive and seem to be doing okay. I had to look up how to care for tadpoles and we've been feeding them spinach leaves. We've also changed their water so that we could get ride of all the mosquito larvae that were hanging out with the tadpoles and we added some small rocks for them to swim around and hide under. I guess we'll see just how long we can keep them alive. I'm surprised they've lasted this long, but the kids have loved having them at our house.

I am getting some great pictures of Malakai dressed up in different things.

On Memorial Day, we took the kids to Portland and went to the City Fair. It was fun. The rides and food were very expensive and we were not prepared for the prices to be quite so high. The girls got to pick one ride and then we spent time walking around. They also had a butterfly exhibit which the kids loved. We were given q-tips that we dipped in a sugar mix and then we could hold the butterflies with our q-tips. One butterfly actually landed right on Sanaa's nose! The girls were very careful and gentle with the butterflies. They could have spent hours in the exhibit, but it was a little stuffy inside the tent (or whatever you'd call the temporary building).

We didn't let Malakai hold any because was a little rough and wanted to grab the butterfly. One of the rules we were told when we went in was to not touch the butterflies with our hands. Malakai didn't understand that, so Nate held him and showed him the butterflies up close.

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