Monday, June 23, 2014

Malakai's 2 year check up

This morning I took Malakai to his 2 year check up while his sisters were at VBS. Overall, he is doing well. He was above the cutoff in all the areas on the ages and stages questionnaire. However, his verbal communication is still not the best. He throws a lot of tantrums and I have a hard time understanding him. He has slowly added new words and sounds over these past three months since he was assessed by ECI, but he still uses a lot of "unk," "umpst," and "uh" with pointing for things he's trying to communicate about.

Some of things he says that I can understand are below:
aught - hot
ites - lights
meeni - money
mama - mom, grandma, and pretty much everyone (even Nate for awhile!)
dada - just started saying this to Nate this weekend!
ah-ba-dah - ta-da!
uck - yuck, stuck, duck
unk - drink, milk
eese - please
ungum or nung-guh - vitamin
ish - fish
pawp-paw - popcorn
grunk-grunk - scissors (and he uses a hand motion with it)
gaw-gaw - thank you
ah-ba or ba-ba - bubbles, banana
bal- ball
ow - ouch or cat sound
animal sounds - dog (oof-oof), duck (ack, ack), cat (ow), sheep (baa)

So, while he is saying sounds and words, the fact that I spend a lot of my day trying to figure out what he is saying when he uses "unk" and "umpst" and the fact that he throws a lot of tantrums during the day led the pediatrician to refer us to a speech therapist. At the end of July Malakai has an appointment with a speech therapist for an assessment. The pediatrician would like to see if working on increasing his vocabulary will help in decreasing the number of tantrums he throws. His communication has also been very slow to develop and it seems that at nearly every check up we're talking about him being behind in communication skills, so I wasn't too surprised at her referral.

His stats: weight 25 lb (20%), height 32.9 inches (20%), and head circumference 19.06 inches (42%).

And more pictures of Malakai that I haven't put up on the blog yet. Watching water run down the road and into the drain is fascinating! All three kids had fun seeing what would float down the gutter and what wouldn't.

I mixed up some sidewalk paint (cornstarch, water, and food coloring). They all played for a long time with this!

Malakai walking up through the rows of grandpa's berry bushes. He and Layla kept looking for any ripe raspberries that were growing. They found a few and of course ate them immediately.

Malakai and cousin Ariana spending a little time coloring together at grandma's house.

Anything that his sisters do, Malakai is determined to do as well. When Layla got her roller skates, Malakai went and found Sanaa's and insisted that he could skate as well.

Enjoying some yummy ice cream. All three kids LOVE ice cream and ice cream cones! Malakai wasn't too sure about the cone, but really liked the ice cream.

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