Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Sanaa!

Today was Sanaa's 6th birthday. We celebrated a little this morning by singing happy birthday and giving her a couple of presents. Since her party was a couple weeks ago we didn't do a whole lot today. She was the first child awake this morning, which was a surprise since she's typically the last one up. But I think she was excited because today was her birthday.

Nate's parents are currently visiting so they got to help us sing happy birthday to Sanaa this morning. I stuck a candle on a donut that we had left from yesterday and we all sang.

After she blew out the candle, Sanaa began to cut her donut into pieces and gave some to Layla, Malakai, Papa Gene, and the rest of us. It was so sweet. I thought she would just share with Layla and Malakai, but she was ready to share her donut with the whole family. It was very thoughtful of her.

After that we gave her a couple small gifts and the cards that we had from other family members. She also got some birthday money in the card we gave her and was very excited about that.

I decorated with streamers for Layla's birthday and did the same thing for Sanaa's birthday. Sanaa requested purple, red, and pink streamers so that's what I did.

Sanaa has grown a lot this past year. She is starting to read and loves to spend time looking at books. She also loves to draw. I found a neat website that has a bunch of "how to draw" directions. I printed some off for her and she drew a castle, a flamingo, and a house one day during her quiet time. I'll need to print off more for her since she seems to enjoy it.

She also loves to play with Layla. While they do fight many times during the day, they are also best friends. I love listening to them when they are outside doing their preteen play. Both girls dress up in their princess dresses often and I'll hear all sorts of story lines. Just recently they were playing at the side of our house (in their hideout) making potions out of grass, rose petals, and other things they found in the yard. I'll also hear them pretend they are pirates and are on a ship.

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Kristen said...

she looks so old!!! I love her drawings, too!! Happy Belated Birthday, Sanaa!! :)