Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy 2nd birthday Malakai!

Malakai turned 2 years old today and to celebrate he slept in until after 7:30am! Wow! Normally he is up between 6:00-6:30am. Unfortunately he did not pass his plan along to his sisters who were up at around 6:45am. 

We celebrated his birthday last weekend with the cake, but since today was his actual birthday, Layla asked me where his candle was and if I could put it in his oatmeal. So that's what we did. We sang Happy Birthday and he ate his birthday oatmeal.

We also saved one gift for him to open. Layla opened it instead of letting Malakai open because she was just too excited. Malakai didn't seem to mind and enjoyed playing with his new little race track.

Later in the morning, the kids and I then drove up to Vancouver to visit some friends that moved up there earlier this spring. We spent most of the day with them and all of our kids (all 6 of them) had a blast playing together. Malakai really enjoyed the swing set that our friends have in their backyard and kept climbing up the side. He'd then yell, "Mama! Eyse!" (Translation: Mama, see!) He was very proud of himself.

He also enjoyed swinging, but wouldn't let any of the girls ride with him even though he was swinging on a 2 seater.

Once it warmed up a little, Cara pulled out their slip 'n' slide and the kids had a great time playing on that. Our friends have a nice hill in their backyard where she set the slip 'n' slide up, so the kids would fly down the slide.

Malakai even tried it. It wasn't too slippery when he tried it, so he didn't go down very fast.

The picture below looks like he is relaxing and resting under a tree at our friends house, but that would be completely misleading. He had just finished a 15 minute tantrum where he laid there screaming, crying, and kicking his legs. It started because he tried to take Layla's juice pop from the chair, but I wasn't sure if Layla was finished so I didn't let him have it. I asked Layla if she was done and once she said yes I then offered it to Malakai. That whole process of me asking Layla made him so angry that he then decided he didn't want it and threw a tantrum. Oh my. I snapped the picture during a very brief quiet moment as he tried to calm himself. I tried to calm him, but he was so angry that if I even approached him he would scream more. So I let him cry for a little while and then went and picked him up. After that, all was good.

Next week after Malakai's 2 year check up I'll post more on what he is doing and saying but here are some fun pictures from the last few weeks. Some of these pictures will most likely embarrass him later in life, but with two older sisters as role models what is one to do? Playing with sparkly, colorful "paint" that you can put on your face is fun!

Mommy's high heeled shoes are fun to walk around in and they make an awesome noise on the hard floor.

His big sisters always dress up in these colorful dresses, so why shouldn't he. He attempted to put the dress on himself, but got frustrated so he brought it to me. He was quite happy once he had it on and even wanted a picture.

Dressing up as a bumble bee is fun too.

Despite the fact that he does play a lot with his sisters toys and dress up clothes, Malakai still acts very much like a boy. He loves to play with balls! Neither of sisters ever had as much interest in balls as he does. He likes to throw and kick. At church he really enjoyed getting the ball in the basket.

He loves to ride on different bikes, cars, and scooters.

He also enjoys showing us his cool moves. Whenever he wants to show me something he'll yell, "Mama! Eyse!"

And of course, he has to make funny faces for the camera.

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