Saturday, June 14, 2014

Birthday party for Sanaa, Layla, and Malakai

This morning we had the party for all three kids. It was a Disney Frozen theme, which worked out great for our kids. Sanaa has always insisted that she is Elsa, Layla has always said she's Anna, and we just decided that Malakai was Olaf the snowman. I made three cakes, but Sanaa and Layla's cake were identical which made that quite easy to make. I'll do a second post later with pictures of their cakes.

For the party, we had food that was Frozen themed. My ideas came from pinterest, so they are not my own, but quite fun to do. For our snacks we had melted snowman to drink (water), snowman popcorn,  Sven's antlers (pretzels), Olaf noses (carrots), Kristoff's ice blocks (blueberry jello jugglers), and Anna's frozen heart (strawberries dipped in white chocolate). The only food left after everyone was gone (aside from the cakes) were the pretzels and carrots.

I also had some games and crafts planned so the kids didn't run wild the entire time. From a cardboard box I made an Olaf face and the kids took turns seeing who could toss the marshmallow in Olaf's mouth. The kids seemed to enjoy this. Malakai's favorite part (that I was told about but didn't witness) was collecting the marshmallows from the ground after the kids threw them and eating them.

The second game I had for the kids was pin the nose on Olaf. Nate's parents sent the poster that we used (plus 2 more that I hung up for a decoration), so I didn't have to hunt around for a large picture of Olaf for this game. I just printed out some carrots.

The final activity I had for the kids was one I forgot to take a picture of and it was one they could do whenever. I had supplies for the girls to decorate crowns and the boys could make an Olaf hat (Olaf's face on a band they could tie around their head). The craft was something that some of the kids did as they arrived and waited for more kids to come. Other kids played first and then sat down to make the craft.

Overall, this was the fastest and least stressful party I've done. I think the week was definitely stressful since I planned two parties, but the kids' birthday party was quite fun. For the favors I sent the kids home with homemade play dough (it was white with silver glitter), a blue bead necklace, and a whistle. Layla picked out the whistles and said we had to have them for the party. We ended up with 14 kids. About half were Layla's friends and half were Sanaa's friends. Several were friends with both girls. Two of Sanaa's friends that were suppose to come didn't and she was a little disappointed about that.

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