Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Warm days of play

About 2 weeks ago we had some wonderful warm weather. We spent the majority of that week outside playing at parks or at a friends house. Last week was chilly and rainy so we didn't play outside much. But this week we are back to sunny and very warm. 

All three kids love exploring new parks. I have a feeling that this summer we'll be visiting a lot of different parks.

We have also spent nearly every nice sunny day over the past few weeks with our friends down the street. Pretty soon they'll be moving to a new house that is about 15 minutes away, so we're taking advantage of the time that they are right down the street.

Marcus has a battery operated car and the girls love riding in it. Both girls have tried driving it but it scared them so they let Marcus do the driving.

Malakai has been fascinated by worms and bugs. I shouldn't be surprised at all. Both of his sisters love bugs too. The funny part is that Malakai will pick up a worm and say, "Mama, uck. Mama, uck." I'm not sure if he's trying to say "mama look" or "mama yuck." He's started to make more sounds and typically uses "uck" to refer to duck and yuck. But at the same time so many of his sounds seem to mean more than just one or two words.

We've been playing a lot with water and mud. I know that eventually the kids will want me to set out their pool but they can't seem to keep dirt out of any water and love to mix up strange "soups" so I'm not looking forward to putting out a pool. We do have a rule to not throw dirt in the pool but it still gets dirty quick.

Sanaa was quite proud of the "river" that she built out of mud and water. When the water dried up rather quickly she was disappointed, but that's what happens on warm days.

We have a little clover patch in our yard so I told the kids to look for a 4-leaf clover. Not even a minute later Layla said, "Like this one mommy." Sanaa also found a 4-leaf clover. In the picture it looks like there are only 3 leaves, but there are 4 leaves. The 4th leaf was rather small and laid on top of one of the other leaves. Malakai saw that I was taking pictures of his sisters and wanted me to take one of him also.

Our friends down the street (Marcus and Naomi) also have a large trampoline in their backyard. My kids love it!

We did have one accident on the trampoline and a big lesson was learned. Sanaa was on the outside of the net (instead of being inside) and crawling along the edge. Layla was on the inside and for reasons unknown to me thought pushing Sanaa was a good idea. Sanaa fell off the trampoline and hit her head on the ground. Her forehead got scratched up by the bark chips. So we learned why it's important to stay on the inside of the net and we learned (again) why we don't push each other. Since this incident the girls have done a much better job at listening to the rules given when they play on the trampoline.

Naomi has a little pink motorcycle that Malakai loves to ride. He also had an accident (anyone see a theme going on here?). He thought it would be cool to drive the motorcycle off the edge of the sidewalk and onto the road instead of going down the driveway. Luckily, I was right there and caught him before his head hit the pavement too hard. And yes, this was after I had redirected him several times to go down the driveway and not off the edge of the sidewalk.

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