Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summertime hair cuts

I have a lot of updating to do but I figured I do a quick post first. Yesterday after Sanaa got out of kindergarten I took all three kids in for a hair cut. The girls have been begging to have their hair short. Both of them wanted their hair just barely touching their shoulders. The last time they got their hair cut, I didn't let it get cut that short and both of them were not happy with me. So this time I decided to let them do what they wanted. Their hair can grow back, but watching 5-6 inches of hair fall to ground nearly made me cry. But both girls do look really cute with their new hair cuts.

The before shots of the kids.

And the after shots.
Malakai hated getting his hair cut. He cried pretty much the entire time, but at least it's trimmed for the next couple months.

Sanaa and Layla with their new short hair.

Both girls look older to me now. Sanaa told Melanie (the gal that cut their hair), that her hair cut made her look 20 years younger. Haha! Melanie and I laughed pretty good at that and Melanie said that's the best compliment she's ever received.

The girls are quite happy with their hair cuts. I do miss their long hair, but I guess cutting it short for summer was a good idea. Especially since Layla doesn't like to wear anything in her hair.

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