Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

Sanaa and Layla were very excited when they found out it was Mother's Day. Both girls jumped down from the table and rushed to get their presents they had made at school. I was happy that I got a nice picture with all three kids. When a camera gets pulled out, Malakai rushes to get in front and says "eese."

Sanaa made two things. The first was a picture of her and I. I love my crazy brown hair! She also filled in some sentences about me. If you can't read the picture below it says (the words she filled in are underlined):
My mom likes to eat soup but don't give her spiders. My mom is really good at hugging. In the summer my likes to be warm. In the winter my mom likes to drink hot cocoa.
She was pretty accurate! I'm not sure about the soup thing since I don't make soup often, but I do like it.

She also made a necklace. Her teacher brought in color clay that the kids shaped into beads and then poked a hole in. They then strung the beads on some string. Sanaa added her initials to the necklace as well. I did wear it to church (and I was even up front playing the flute). The necklace she made matched the outfit I was wearing pretty well and she really liked seeing me wear it.

Layla gave me a poem with her handprints. I got this same poem from Sanaa when she was in preschool. Layla did inform me that the girls used pink paint for their handprints and the boys used blue paint.

 Malakai wanted another picture with me. But when he saw us in the camera he started to make a silly face and stick out his tongue.

Nate actually got me a new bread machine. And it's a good thing because the day before my old one broke, so his gift was well timed. I was in the middle of using it when it died and wasn't too happy because I still had several things I wanted to make (pizza dough and bread). So I had to get creative and used my food processor since it had a dough blade I could use. What I didn't know was that in the large box that had just been delivered sat my new bread machine.

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