Thursday, May 22, 2014

Layla's last day of preschool (3's class)

Today was Layla's last day of school. She'll be in the 4's class next year, but she's excited that school is over for now. She has grown so much over this year. She knows pretty much all of her letters. She's counting up to 20 and she's trying to read words. She's also been learning Romanian from our friends down the street! I've been joking with my friend that I'm not going to have a clue what Layla is saying to me if she starts speaking Romanian. For all I know Layla could be chewing me out. 

I took Layla's first day of preschool picture and last day of preschool picture and edited them together. She looks so much older! 

Mrs. Monnie was a wonderful teacher to have this year and I know Layla really enjoyed her. At school today, the kids had a carnival and got to watch a magician. Layla really enjoyed it and has talk about the magician pulling money out from behind his ear. She informed that she tried it, but doesn't have any money behind her ear.

A final picture with Mrs. Monnie. They did a silly picture together and then a nice picture.

Layla has also started writing her name. I'm very impressed! She wrote this a couple of weeks ago and didn't want me to help at all.

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