Monday, May 5, 2014

Fixing things and rearranging rooms

Last week we had a beautiful sunny and warm week. One of the days we even hit 90 degrees! Hitting that high of temp in April here in the northwest and is not typical at all. The kids loved it and had fun playing in our sprinkler. They are quite ready for summer to be here. This week we are back to our cooler temperatures.

I have a bunch of pictures to post and these are only a few from a couple weeks ago. All three kids helped me put Nate's new chair together. Sanaa and Malakai helped for a little while. Layla stayed the entire time and did a great job. I just had to show her where to put the screws and she did it and tighten them up pretty well. I think she's going to me my littler helper around the house when things need fixing. 

A day or so after we put the chair together Layla noticed that the doll bed in her dollhouse was coming apart. The screws just needed tightening. She asked me to fix it and I got a screw driver but wasn't able to fix it right then (I think Malakai was crying or something), so I laid the screw driver on the counter. A few minutes later Layla came walking over to me and said, "Mommy, look. I fixed the bed!" Sure enough, she had taken the screw driver and tighten the screws up all by herself. 

Malakai has now figured out how to unlock our back door by himself. I think Layla was just about the same age as him when she figured it out too. Malakai was quite proud of himself.

I rearranged the girls' bedroom. They love the new arrangement and I honestly think their room feels a little bigger this way. Sanaa told me her new room was "awesome!" The word awesome seems to be her new saying. She's been using it a lot lately.

Layla photo bombed a picture of Sanaa. Sanaa had drawn a picture of what we were going to have for dinner (hamburgers and hot dogs). She wanted me to take a picture to send to Nate.

Nothing in our house seems to be off limits to Malakai anymore. He can pretty much get to anything. He's quite good at moving chairs or stools around to get to things that are too high. In this case, he decided that he needed some cereal even though he had just finished eating.

Sanaa has been writing little notes a lot lately. She still gets her d's and b's mixed up but it's fun to get little messages from her.

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