Friday, May 9, 2014

Book slings

I am currently finding myself in a quiet house. That is very rare during the day. The girls are down the street playing at a friends house and Malakai is still napping. He's been asleep for over 2 1/2 hours! That is unheard of, but he has been waking up early and last night he was so full of energy that he would not go to sleep. So he definitely has some catching up do with his sleep.

Yesterday I finally finished a project I had wanted to make for awhile. I found the idea for a book sling on Pinterest but never got around to actually making them. I even had all the parts and the fabric, but there has always been something else that needed to be done first. So yesterday I finally decided to just sit down and make them. Forget about cleaning the house, the laundry, or the dishes. I spent Malakai's nap time sewing the book slings which really didn't take that much time all. I just had to find everything first!

Sanaa's book sling is the top picture. I had left over fabric from the girls' dress up box that I used for hers. Layla's book sling is dark purple and happens to be left over fabric from the bridesmaid dresses that my bridesmaids wore 11 1/2 years ago. What better way to use that fabric then to make something useful!

The girls love their book slings. Sanaa won't have to climb up and down from her bed each time she wants a book during rest time. Plus, there won't be a stack of books on their dresser that constantly gets knocked over!

Now I just need to get on with my next project which is finding and installing shelving in the garage. I want to make a bigger play area for the kids out there but the boxes and bikes take up a lot of room. Who knows when I'll get that done....

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