Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A beehive and a preschool spring program

Last Tuesday when I returned to pick Layla up from preschool, a couple of the church employees were standing in the parking lot directing cars to park in a different area. It turns out a rather large beehive was in a tree next to the parking area where most of us would park. The bees were buzzing quite loudly and it was pretty exciting to see (from a distance). 

That evening was Layla's preschool Spring program. Both girls wondered as we drove to the church if the bees would still be there or not. We arrived to find that some of the parking spots were still blocked but the tree was not buzzing with bees. It appeared that the hive was still there but I believe they had someone come and relocate the bees. By the Thursday, the hive was gone as well, so there is no longer the threat of being stung.

At the program, Layla did well. She waved at us excitedly. The kids sang a bunch of songs that they've learned this year. The program was about 30 minutes long but by the end you could tell that the kids were tired. Several of them (including Layla) started to yawn.

After the program, there was ice cream available for us to snack on. It was rainbow sherbet. Sanaa did not like it and was a little upset they didn't have vanilla. Layla ate some of hers but told me later she didn't like it either and wished they had had vanilla.

We did get a picture of Layla with her teacher Mrs. Monnie. When Sanaa was in the 3's preschool class, Mrs. Monnie was one of the aides, but last year the other 3's teacher left and Mrs. Monnie became the new 3's teacher. It's been fun having a teacher that already knew Sanaa and Layla. I'm hoping that when Malakai starts preschool in a couple years that she'll still be teaching and he can have her as well.

One morning this past week I decided to do something different for breakfast. I felt like having a breakfast sandwich. The kids weren't excited about that and just chose to have jam on their english muffin. But then Layla added cheese on top of her jam and I immediately thought of my brother. When my brother was little he use to make a jam, cheese, and mayo sandwich. I thought it was the grossest thing ever. But it appears Layla might just take after her uncle Ryan in regards to what she likes to eat. She doesn't like mayo but she did say her jam and cheese sandwich was yummy.

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