Thursday, May 22, 2014

Layla's last day of preschool (3's class)

Today was Layla's last day of school. She'll be in the 4's class next year, but she's excited that school is over for now. She has grown so much over this year. She knows pretty much all of her letters. She's counting up to 20 and she's trying to read words. She's also been learning Romanian from our friends down the street! I've been joking with my friend that I'm not going to have a clue what Layla is saying to me if she starts speaking Romanian. For all I know Layla could be chewing me out. 

I took Layla's first day of preschool picture and last day of preschool picture and edited them together. She looks so much older! 

Mrs. Monnie was a wonderful teacher to have this year and I know Layla really enjoyed her. At school today, the kids had a carnival and got to watch a magician. Layla really enjoyed it and has talk about the magician pulling money out from behind his ear. She informed that she tried it, but doesn't have any money behind her ear.

A final picture with Mrs. Monnie. They did a silly picture together and then a nice picture.

Layla has also started writing her name. I'm very impressed! She wrote this a couple of weeks ago and didn't want me to help at all.

Summertime hair cuts

I have a lot of updating to do but I figured I do a quick post first. Yesterday after Sanaa got out of kindergarten I took all three kids in for a hair cut. The girls have been begging to have their hair short. Both of them wanted their hair just barely touching their shoulders. The last time they got their hair cut, I didn't let it get cut that short and both of them were not happy with me. So this time I decided to let them do what they wanted. Their hair can grow back, but watching 5-6 inches of hair fall to ground nearly made me cry. But both girls do look really cute with their new hair cuts.

The before shots of the kids.

And the after shots.
Malakai hated getting his hair cut. He cried pretty much the entire time, but at least it's trimmed for the next couple months.

Sanaa and Layla with their new short hair.

Both girls look older to me now. Sanaa told Melanie (the gal that cut their hair), that her hair cut made her look 20 years younger. Haha! Melanie and I laughed pretty good at that and Melanie said that's the best compliment she's ever received.

The girls are quite happy with their hair cuts. I do miss their long hair, but I guess cutting it short for summer was a good idea. Especially since Layla doesn't like to wear anything in her hair.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Warm days of play

About 2 weeks ago we had some wonderful warm weather. We spent the majority of that week outside playing at parks or at a friends house. Last week was chilly and rainy so we didn't play outside much. But this week we are back to sunny and very warm. 

All three kids love exploring new parks. I have a feeling that this summer we'll be visiting a lot of different parks.

We have also spent nearly every nice sunny day over the past few weeks with our friends down the street. Pretty soon they'll be moving to a new house that is about 15 minutes away, so we're taking advantage of the time that they are right down the street.

Marcus has a battery operated car and the girls love riding in it. Both girls have tried driving it but it scared them so they let Marcus do the driving.

Malakai has been fascinated by worms and bugs. I shouldn't be surprised at all. Both of his sisters love bugs too. The funny part is that Malakai will pick up a worm and say, "Mama, uck. Mama, uck." I'm not sure if he's trying to say "mama look" or "mama yuck." He's started to make more sounds and typically uses "uck" to refer to duck and yuck. But at the same time so many of his sounds seem to mean more than just one or two words.

We've been playing a lot with water and mud. I know that eventually the kids will want me to set out their pool but they can't seem to keep dirt out of any water and love to mix up strange "soups" so I'm not looking forward to putting out a pool. We do have a rule to not throw dirt in the pool but it still gets dirty quick.

Sanaa was quite proud of the "river" that she built out of mud and water. When the water dried up rather quickly she was disappointed, but that's what happens on warm days.

We have a little clover patch in our yard so I told the kids to look for a 4-leaf clover. Not even a minute later Layla said, "Like this one mommy." Sanaa also found a 4-leaf clover. In the picture it looks like there are only 3 leaves, but there are 4 leaves. The 4th leaf was rather small and laid on top of one of the other leaves. Malakai saw that I was taking pictures of his sisters and wanted me to take one of him also.

Our friends down the street (Marcus and Naomi) also have a large trampoline in their backyard. My kids love it!

We did have one accident on the trampoline and a big lesson was learned. Sanaa was on the outside of the net (instead of being inside) and crawling along the edge. Layla was on the inside and for reasons unknown to me thought pushing Sanaa was a good idea. Sanaa fell off the trampoline and hit her head on the ground. Her forehead got scratched up by the bark chips. So we learned why it's important to stay on the inside of the net and we learned (again) why we don't push each other. Since this incident the girls have done a much better job at listening to the rules given when they play on the trampoline.

Naomi has a little pink motorcycle that Malakai loves to ride. He also had an accident (anyone see a theme going on here?). He thought it would be cool to drive the motorcycle off the edge of the sidewalk and onto the road instead of going down the driveway. Luckily, I was right there and caught him before his head hit the pavement too hard. And yes, this was after I had redirected him several times to go down the driveway and not off the edge of the sidewalk.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

Sanaa and Layla were very excited when they found out it was Mother's Day. Both girls jumped down from the table and rushed to get their presents they had made at school. I was happy that I got a nice picture with all three kids. When a camera gets pulled out, Malakai rushes to get in front and says "eese."

Sanaa made two things. The first was a picture of her and I. I love my crazy brown hair! She also filled in some sentences about me. If you can't read the picture below it says (the words she filled in are underlined):
My mom likes to eat soup but don't give her spiders. My mom is really good at hugging. In the summer my likes to be warm. In the winter my mom likes to drink hot cocoa.
She was pretty accurate! I'm not sure about the soup thing since I don't make soup often, but I do like it.

She also made a necklace. Her teacher brought in color clay that the kids shaped into beads and then poked a hole in. They then strung the beads on some string. Sanaa added her initials to the necklace as well. I did wear it to church (and I was even up front playing the flute). The necklace she made matched the outfit I was wearing pretty well and she really liked seeing me wear it.

Layla gave me a poem with her handprints. I got this same poem from Sanaa when she was in preschool. Layla did inform me that the girls used pink paint for their handprints and the boys used blue paint.

 Malakai wanted another picture with me. But when he saw us in the camera he started to make a silly face and stick out his tongue.

Nate actually got me a new bread machine. And it's a good thing because the day before my old one broke, so his gift was well timed. I was in the middle of using it when it died and wasn't too happy because I still had several things I wanted to make (pizza dough and bread). So I had to get creative and used my food processor since it had a dough blade I could use. What I didn't know was that in the large box that had just been delivered sat my new bread machine.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Book slings

I am currently finding myself in a quiet house. That is very rare during the day. The girls are down the street playing at a friends house and Malakai is still napping. He's been asleep for over 2 1/2 hours! That is unheard of, but he has been waking up early and last night he was so full of energy that he would not go to sleep. So he definitely has some catching up do with his sleep.

Yesterday I finally finished a project I had wanted to make for awhile. I found the idea for a book sling on Pinterest but never got around to actually making them. I even had all the parts and the fabric, but there has always been something else that needed to be done first. So yesterday I finally decided to just sit down and make them. Forget about cleaning the house, the laundry, or the dishes. I spent Malakai's nap time sewing the book slings which really didn't take that much time all. I just had to find everything first!

Sanaa's book sling is the top picture. I had left over fabric from the girls' dress up box that I used for hers. Layla's book sling is dark purple and happens to be left over fabric from the bridesmaid dresses that my bridesmaids wore 11 1/2 years ago. What better way to use that fabric then to make something useful!

The girls love their book slings. Sanaa won't have to climb up and down from her bed each time she wants a book during rest time. Plus, there won't be a stack of books on their dresser that constantly gets knocked over!

Now I just need to get on with my next project which is finding and installing shelving in the garage. I want to make a bigger play area for the kids out there but the boxes and bikes take up a lot of room. Who knows when I'll get that done....

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A beehive and a preschool spring program

Last Tuesday when I returned to pick Layla up from preschool, a couple of the church employees were standing in the parking lot directing cars to park in a different area. It turns out a rather large beehive was in a tree next to the parking area where most of us would park. The bees were buzzing quite loudly and it was pretty exciting to see (from a distance). 

That evening was Layla's preschool Spring program. Both girls wondered as we drove to the church if the bees would still be there or not. We arrived to find that some of the parking spots were still blocked but the tree was not buzzing with bees. It appeared that the hive was still there but I believe they had someone come and relocate the bees. By the Thursday, the hive was gone as well, so there is no longer the threat of being stung.

At the program, Layla did well. She waved at us excitedly. The kids sang a bunch of songs that they've learned this year. The program was about 30 minutes long but by the end you could tell that the kids were tired. Several of them (including Layla) started to yawn.

After the program, there was ice cream available for us to snack on. It was rainbow sherbet. Sanaa did not like it and was a little upset they didn't have vanilla. Layla ate some of hers but told me later she didn't like it either and wished they had had vanilla.

We did get a picture of Layla with her teacher Mrs. Monnie. When Sanaa was in the 3's preschool class, Mrs. Monnie was one of the aides, but last year the other 3's teacher left and Mrs. Monnie became the new 3's teacher. It's been fun having a teacher that already knew Sanaa and Layla. I'm hoping that when Malakai starts preschool in a couple years that she'll still be teaching and he can have her as well.

One morning this past week I decided to do something different for breakfast. I felt like having a breakfast sandwich. The kids weren't excited about that and just chose to have jam on their english muffin. But then Layla added cheese on top of her jam and I immediately thought of my brother. When my brother was little he use to make a jam, cheese, and mayo sandwich. I thought it was the grossest thing ever. But it appears Layla might just take after her uncle Ryan in regards to what she likes to eat. She doesn't like mayo but she did say her jam and cheese sandwich was yummy.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Fixing things and rearranging rooms

Last week we had a beautiful sunny and warm week. One of the days we even hit 90 degrees! Hitting that high of temp in April here in the northwest and is not typical at all. The kids loved it and had fun playing in our sprinkler. They are quite ready for summer to be here. This week we are back to our cooler temperatures.

I have a bunch of pictures to post and these are only a few from a couple weeks ago. All three kids helped me put Nate's new chair together. Sanaa and Malakai helped for a little while. Layla stayed the entire time and did a great job. I just had to show her where to put the screws and she did it and tighten them up pretty well. I think she's going to me my littler helper around the house when things need fixing. 

A day or so after we put the chair together Layla noticed that the doll bed in her dollhouse was coming apart. The screws just needed tightening. She asked me to fix it and I got a screw driver but wasn't able to fix it right then (I think Malakai was crying or something), so I laid the screw driver on the counter. A few minutes later Layla came walking over to me and said, "Mommy, look. I fixed the bed!" Sure enough, she had taken the screw driver and tighten the screws up all by herself. 

Malakai has now figured out how to unlock our back door by himself. I think Layla was just about the same age as him when she figured it out too. Malakai was quite proud of himself.

I rearranged the girls' bedroom. They love the new arrangement and I honestly think their room feels a little bigger this way. Sanaa told me her new room was "awesome!" The word awesome seems to be her new saying. She's been using it a lot lately.

Layla photo bombed a picture of Sanaa. Sanaa had drawn a picture of what we were going to have for dinner (hamburgers and hot dogs). She wanted me to take a picture to send to Nate.

Nothing in our house seems to be off limits to Malakai anymore. He can pretty much get to anything. He's quite good at moving chairs or stools around to get to things that are too high. In this case, he decided that he needed some cereal even though he had just finished eating.

Sanaa has been writing little notes a lot lately. She still gets her d's and b's mixed up but it's fun to get little messages from her.