Friday, April 25, 2014

Our family Easter

Easter this year was just our family. We plan to celebrate with my parents, brother, sister-in-law, and niece this coming weekend. Leading up to Easter the kids and I spent a lot of time talking about what Easter meant. We used resurrection eggs to talk about the Easter story and also made an Easter garden. Sanaa thought making the garden was great and she helped the entire time. Layla and Malakai were not interested at all and just played in the back yard while Sanaa and I worked on it. It has been fun this year to see how much Sanaa and Layla remember from past years. Layla is catching on quick and Sanaa keeps reminding me that she already knows the Easter story. However, Sanaa has been asking new questions and seems to be trying to understand it more.

One afternoon I sent the kids out to the back yard. Sanaa picked up some side walk chalk and drew the picture below.

I also came across a recipe that has a variety of names (resurrection rolls, empty tomb rolls) that is basically a large marshmallow with cinnamon and sugar wrapped in a crescent roll and then baked. It tastes great! But the point was to demonstrate how Jesus was placed in the tomb and then 3 days later the tomb was found empty. When the girls opened the roll, Sanaa gasped and said, "Oh no! He melted!" Ha! Malakai just kept peering into his roll with a confused and amazed look on his face.

Easter morning the kids were up extra early. We were ready for church a good half an hour before we needed to leave. We took some pictures with the kids and then let them have their Easter baskets.

Malakai got a pair of sunglasses since he was always trying to take Sanaa and Layla's. I got a fun picture of all three kids wearing their shades as we left for church.

At church, both Sanaa and Layla played the handbells in our service. They did a great job.

Sanaa kept asking for an Easter egg hunt, so after Malakai's nap we did a little egg hunt in our back yard. Layla and Sanaa loved it. They raced around the yard finding eggs really fast. I gave them a limit on how many to find that way there were still some for Malakai to get.

Malakai actually wasn't too sure what to do. We tried to show him but at first he did not want to put the eggs in his bucket. He would pick an egg up, look at it, and then put it back where it had been. Finally he caught on and then he started having fun.

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