Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Malakai - always on the go

Malakai is constantly on the move. He's either running some where, climbing something, or "helping" me cook. Now that we've had less rainy days, Malakai has greatly enjoyed all the extra time outside. Of course, stomping and splashing in water or mud puddles is the most fun! Malakai has learned to get his boots before going outside and will bring them to me to put them on him. He's actually very picky about his boots. He really likes his thick warm boots I had him wearing during the winter. I do have rain boots that would fit him, but he's thrown a fit the last two times I've tried to put those on him. But if I put his warm winter boots on, he's completely happy.

At this point, I'm fairly sure the only thing Malakai has not climbed into (or on) is his crib. Layla has proudly showed Malakai how to climb up their dresser. And now I will often find Malakai attempting to get onto the top bunk from the dresser.

A little climbing wall at a park. This was perfect for Malakai. The only trouble he had was the fact that he wanted to hold onto his water while climbing. I was not allowed to hold his water for him, but I was able to sit his water next to him as he climbed.

Just this week, Malakai has finally shown more of an interest in building and playing with his legos (duplos, to be more specific). He's enjoyed building tall towers and trying to say, "ta-da." I been trying to get him to say any kind of new sound and encourage him to talk.

Smoothies are one of Malakai's favorite snacks. If I pull out the blender he will come running. If I use the blender for any other purpose than to make a smoothie he will throw a tantrum because I guess blenders can only be used for smoothies in his mind.

Yesterday, as the kids were playing I heard Sanaa say, "I think he's asleep Layla. I don't think he's pretending." Then, "Mom! You need to come get Malakai!" Sure enough, Malakai was so worn out he had fallen asleep on Sanaa's top bunk.

I ended up breaking the #1 rule: Never wake a sleeping baby, but I needed to put Malakai in his own bed. Anytime I tried to pull him closer to me so I could get him down, he would scream. I figured he'd calm down once he was in his crib but I was wrong about that. Next time I might just leave him on Sanaa's bed and just sit in there as he naps. Moving him to his bed was not worth dealing with the 15-20 minutes of his screaming and crying because I had woken him up.

I asked Sanaa how he had fallen asleep so fast (it had only been about 10 minutes since we'd finished lunch and they started playing) and her response was, "I guess it was the nice lullaby I sang him."

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