Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Layla's Easter party at preschool

Last Thursday Layla had her Easter party at preschool. Sanaa, Malakai and I joined her after I picked Sanaa up from kindergarten. The kids in Layla's class made bunny hats, decorated an Easter basket (a paper bag that had handles cut out), went on an Easter egg hunt, and played some games. 

One of the games they played was pin the tail on the bunny. The kids were given the choice to wear the bandana around their eyes or not. When they were given this choice before the game even started Layla piped up and said she did not want to wear it at all. So she supposedly kept her eyes closed when she had her turn.

The party finished with a snack. There was extra, so Sanaa was able to join in on the snacks. Since Layla doesn't like carrots (she really only likes cucumbers), she gave all her carrots to Sanaa. Malakai spent his time running around and dancing. He did have one little melt down when I kept stopping him from interrupting the pin the tail on the bunny game. Thankfully, Layla's teacher is very easy going and it didn't phase her one bit. She actually invited Malakai to sit with Layla to see if that would help make him happy, but no, he just wanted to pull all the tails off the wall.

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