Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hanging out at home

Last week, Sanaa was sick for the first half. She didn't return to school until Wednesday. She ended up battling the stomach virus for 5 days and lost about 4 pounds. Since Nate had last Wednesday off, I stayed with Sanaa at school and did odd jobs for her teacher (taking down and putting up new bulletin boards). During one of Sanaa's sick days, I was struggling to keep Layla and Malakai occupied. We had been stuck at home for 5 days and they were getting restless. So I sent them out to the backyard with a paint brush and some white card stock and told them to paint with the mud. Layla looked at me like I was crazy, but they both thought it was pretty fun.

Layla is very independent when it comes to dressing. She really likes to wear dresses but not tights, so she pairs her dresses with pants. The combination below worked just fine (and the way she posed was awesome!) but there are days I've sent her to school with pants and a dress that don't even come close to matching.

Layla and Malakai got a great deal of time to play together and bond while Sanaa was sick. When Layla began playing with the My Little Pony castle, Malakai jumped right in and even tried to make some horse noises!

We've finally gotten some sun and warmer weather. Because we've finally hit the 60's, Layla has insisted on wearing a swimsuit nearly every afternoon. In her words, it's summer. In the picture below she spent the afternoon walking around in her swimsuit and Sunday shoes (I'm not sure why she had to show me the coloring book).

The day that Sanaa returned to school, she got to pick from the treasure box! Once the kids get 7 stickers on their chart, they get to choose a prize. Sanaa found some jewelry. The package had clip on earrings, 2 bracelets, a mirror, and a hair comb. Layla thought it was awesome and Sanaa was kind enough to share and let Layla use her jewelry. Both girls thought the clip on earrings were awesome! I think more clip on earrings might need to be added to their birthday wish lists.

Even though it's April, our walk to school is chilly. I'm still bundling the kids up in their heavy coats for our walk in the morning. However, by the time we pick Sanaa up from the bus (2 1/2 hours later) it has warmed up to where we only need a light jacket. I am definitely ready for some warmer weather!

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