Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fun in the sun

We have thoroughly been enjoying the sunny and warm weather. The kids spend pretty much all their free time outside. Sanaa just had a 4 day weekend from school (there were parent teacher conferences on Thursday and Friday), so we've been able to enjoy a lot of time outside and we've visited 3 different parks. I typically send them out back and then leave them alone. If they mention they are bored, I might give a suggestion of something they can play. But for the most part they have been very creative in their play.

Nearly every day they have asked for spray bottles. They'll easily spend an hour walking around spraying things with water. Sanaa will also spend time "painting" our deck with water. 

While Malakai and Layla do a little painting with water they are more often running around, climbing, or trying to balance on things.

The kids kept trying to balance on our deck and wanted to hang the board off the end of the deck but a couple of them got bumped on the arm or back when the board flew up. So I finally suggested they move the board and showed them how they could use two bricks on either end to make a balance beam. It's been a pretty big hit.

They also invented their own limbo game. That went quite well until Malakai stood up too close to the table and hit his head. Then he decided he'd had enough of that.

We had one really warm day (upper 60's!) and the girls decided it was so hot that we needed to turn on some sprinklers. (They actually begged me to get the swimming pool out but I wouldn't and compromised by turning on the sprinkler my dad made last year). They had a blast. Malakai on the other hand wasn't so sure about it being that warm and just watched his silly sisters.

Sanaa saw the pictures of mud painting that Layla and Malakai made when she was sick, so she wanted a turn to do some mud painting.

Layla has mowed our yard a couple of times. When the lawn mower didn't work she improvised and used our extension cord holder.

I've really enjoyed watching them move our deck chairs around and play. The chairs have been used to create a tunnel.

A rocket ship where they could climb over and get into the different "rooms." Sanaa even used our sprinkler as the steering wheel.

And a fort. Sanaa asked for a large blanket to put over the top of the chairs "to keep the hot sun away," but I didn't have a blanket that big. Instead we used several of our towels.

And I had to include the final picture of Malakai wearing Sanaa's boots. He was very proud of himself and really did not want to take them off before bed.

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