Monday, April 14, 2014

Dyeing Easter eggs

On Saturday, I let the kids dye their Easter eggs. Sanaa has been asking for about a week to dye eggs. Nate had Saturday off (which is very, very rare), so I figured that would be the best afternoon to do that. I knew the girls would be fine and wouldn't need much help, but since this was Malakai's first time dyeing Easter eggs I knew it would be nice to have the extra hands around to help.

The past years the girls have just dyed their eggs pretty much one color. This year, I showed them how you can stick one end of the egg into a color and then flip it over and put the other end in a different color. Sanaa thought that was the coolest thing ever. She started dyeing her eggs that way but also used a paint brush to paint a third color in the middle.

Layla spent most of her time dunking the eggs and then mixing the colors. Eventually, she also used a paint brush to put dots and lines on a couple of her eggs.

This was Malakai's first egg dyeing experience and he wasn't too sure about it at first. Nate helped him with the first egg. And even after being helped he was still a little uncertain so I'd keep repeating, "put the egg in the bowl."

He finally would put the egg in, but then immediately pulled it out and looked at the egg to see what happened. I wish that I had captured the expression on his face. He was excited to see the color suddenly appear on the egg after dipping it into the coloring.

Malakai paused so he could pose for a picture.

Malakai finally got into dyeing the eggs and each time he scooped the liquid over the egg he would say, "zoop."

I guess Malakai was figuring out just how many eggs one bowl could hold.

Sanaa held up her two favorite eggs for me. There were also stickers the kids could use to decorate their eggs with, but Sanaa was the only one to use the stickers. She put a cross sticker on each egg.

The finished product. Sanaa's is the first picture, Layla's is the second picture, and Malakai's is the final picture.

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