Friday, April 25, 2014

Our family Easter

Easter this year was just our family. We plan to celebrate with my parents, brother, sister-in-law, and niece this coming weekend. Leading up to Easter the kids and I spent a lot of time talking about what Easter meant. We used resurrection eggs to talk about the Easter story and also made an Easter garden. Sanaa thought making the garden was great and she helped the entire time. Layla and Malakai were not interested at all and just played in the back yard while Sanaa and I worked on it. It has been fun this year to see how much Sanaa and Layla remember from past years. Layla is catching on quick and Sanaa keeps reminding me that she already knows the Easter story. However, Sanaa has been asking new questions and seems to be trying to understand it more.

One afternoon I sent the kids out to the back yard. Sanaa picked up some side walk chalk and drew the picture below.

I also came across a recipe that has a variety of names (resurrection rolls, empty tomb rolls) that is basically a large marshmallow with cinnamon and sugar wrapped in a crescent roll and then baked. It tastes great! But the point was to demonstrate how Jesus was placed in the tomb and then 3 days later the tomb was found empty. When the girls opened the roll, Sanaa gasped and said, "Oh no! He melted!" Ha! Malakai just kept peering into his roll with a confused and amazed look on his face.

Easter morning the kids were up extra early. We were ready for church a good half an hour before we needed to leave. We took some pictures with the kids and then let them have their Easter baskets.

Malakai got a pair of sunglasses since he was always trying to take Sanaa and Layla's. I got a fun picture of all three kids wearing their shades as we left for church.

At church, both Sanaa and Layla played the handbells in our service. They did a great job.

Sanaa kept asking for an Easter egg hunt, so after Malakai's nap we did a little egg hunt in our back yard. Layla and Sanaa loved it. They raced around the yard finding eggs really fast. I gave them a limit on how many to find that way there were still some for Malakai to get.

Malakai actually wasn't too sure what to do. We tried to show him but at first he did not want to put the eggs in his bucket. He would pick an egg up, look at it, and then put it back where it had been. Finally he caught on and then he started having fun.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Just some silly faces

Last night before story time, Layla asked if we could all take a picture together. I said sure since I'm rarely in a picture with them. I thought we were going to take a nice picture of all of us smiling, but the girls started making some funny faces. At first Malakai wasn't too sure about it, but then he thought it was hilarious seeing us make silly faces.

Layla's Easter party at preschool

Last Thursday Layla had her Easter party at preschool. Sanaa, Malakai and I joined her after I picked Sanaa up from kindergarten. The kids in Layla's class made bunny hats, decorated an Easter basket (a paper bag that had handles cut out), went on an Easter egg hunt, and played some games. 

One of the games they played was pin the tail on the bunny. The kids were given the choice to wear the bandana around their eyes or not. When they were given this choice before the game even started Layla piped up and said she did not want to wear it at all. So she supposedly kept her eyes closed when she had her turn.

The party finished with a snack. There was extra, so Sanaa was able to join in on the snacks. Since Layla doesn't like carrots (she really only likes cucumbers), she gave all her carrots to Sanaa. Malakai spent his time running around and dancing. He did have one little melt down when I kept stopping him from interrupting the pin the tail on the bunny game. Thankfully, Layla's teacher is very easy going and it didn't phase her one bit. She actually invited Malakai to sit with Layla to see if that would help make him happy, but no, he just wanted to pull all the tails off the wall.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Dyeing Easter eggs

On Saturday, I let the kids dye their Easter eggs. Sanaa has been asking for about a week to dye eggs. Nate had Saturday off (which is very, very rare), so I figured that would be the best afternoon to do that. I knew the girls would be fine and wouldn't need much help, but since this was Malakai's first time dyeing Easter eggs I knew it would be nice to have the extra hands around to help.

The past years the girls have just dyed their eggs pretty much one color. This year, I showed them how you can stick one end of the egg into a color and then flip it over and put the other end in a different color. Sanaa thought that was the coolest thing ever. She started dyeing her eggs that way but also used a paint brush to paint a third color in the middle.

Layla spent most of her time dunking the eggs and then mixing the colors. Eventually, she also used a paint brush to put dots and lines on a couple of her eggs.

This was Malakai's first egg dyeing experience and he wasn't too sure about it at first. Nate helped him with the first egg. And even after being helped he was still a little uncertain so I'd keep repeating, "put the egg in the bowl."

He finally would put the egg in, but then immediately pulled it out and looked at the egg to see what happened. I wish that I had captured the expression on his face. He was excited to see the color suddenly appear on the egg after dipping it into the coloring.

Malakai paused so he could pose for a picture.

Malakai finally got into dyeing the eggs and each time he scooped the liquid over the egg he would say, "zoop."

I guess Malakai was figuring out just how many eggs one bowl could hold.

Sanaa held up her two favorite eggs for me. There were also stickers the kids could use to decorate their eggs with, but Sanaa was the only one to use the stickers. She put a cross sticker on each egg.

The finished product. Sanaa's is the first picture, Layla's is the second picture, and Malakai's is the final picture.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Just a little trim

This past Monday was a very hard day for me. Layla was really trying my patience. I'm not sure what was going through her mind, but I could not wait for bed time to come. I had one item on my to-do list for that afternoon while Malakai slept. I wanted to weed the garden and get it ready so we could starting planting vegetables over the next few weeks. I got hardly any weeding done.

Layla began her mischievous activities by dumping her smoothie all over our slides. So I got to clean that up since I really didn't want Malakai sliding down it later with smoothie all over it. Then I tried to get some weeding done and started by cutting down some of the mint. The girls wanted to help and  I let them use their own scissors. But Malakai woke up early, so I headed inside to get him. As I came back out, I saw Sanaa run by the back door with her hand behind her back as if she was hiding something. I asked her about it and she gave me a clump of Layla's hair. Layla had decided her hair needed trimming!

Thankfully, you can't tell that Layla cut her hair. It just looks like she added an extra layer. Her reason for trimming her hair was, "I wanted my hair at my shoulders." 

I guess I'll need to make Layla a hair cut appointment sometime soon.

Fun in the sun

We have thoroughly been enjoying the sunny and warm weather. The kids spend pretty much all their free time outside. Sanaa just had a 4 day weekend from school (there were parent teacher conferences on Thursday and Friday), so we've been able to enjoy a lot of time outside and we've visited 3 different parks. I typically send them out back and then leave them alone. If they mention they are bored, I might give a suggestion of something they can play. But for the most part they have been very creative in their play.

Nearly every day they have asked for spray bottles. They'll easily spend an hour walking around spraying things with water. Sanaa will also spend time "painting" our deck with water. 

While Malakai and Layla do a little painting with water they are more often running around, climbing, or trying to balance on things.

The kids kept trying to balance on our deck and wanted to hang the board off the end of the deck but a couple of them got bumped on the arm or back when the board flew up. So I finally suggested they move the board and showed them how they could use two bricks on either end to make a balance beam. It's been a pretty big hit.

They also invented their own limbo game. That went quite well until Malakai stood up too close to the table and hit his head. Then he decided he'd had enough of that.

We had one really warm day (upper 60's!) and the girls decided it was so hot that we needed to turn on some sprinklers. (They actually begged me to get the swimming pool out but I wouldn't and compromised by turning on the sprinkler my dad made last year). They had a blast. Malakai on the other hand wasn't so sure about it being that warm and just watched his silly sisters.

Sanaa saw the pictures of mud painting that Layla and Malakai made when she was sick, so she wanted a turn to do some mud painting.

Layla has mowed our yard a couple of times. When the lawn mower didn't work she improvised and used our extension cord holder.

I've really enjoyed watching them move our deck chairs around and play. The chairs have been used to create a tunnel.

A rocket ship where they could climb over and get into the different "rooms." Sanaa even used our sprinkler as the steering wheel.

And a fort. Sanaa asked for a large blanket to put over the top of the chairs "to keep the hot sun away," but I didn't have a blanket that big. Instead we used several of our towels.

And I had to include the final picture of Malakai wearing Sanaa's boots. He was very proud of himself and really did not want to take them off before bed.