Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring break part 4: crafts, birthday party, and getting sick

At the beginning of spring break, Sanaa had a list of ideas of what she wanted to do and where she wanted to go. After resting and not doing much on Wednesday we were ready to go out again on Thursday. Thursday Sanaa wanted to go to the mall and the library. The library didn't open until noon so we headed to the mall first. We walked around for a little while at the mall and the girls used their money from their piggy banks to pay for a ride on the small merry-go-round. I then let the kids play for a little bit in the play area. But while we were at the play area, Sanaa began complaining of her tummy hurting. She didn't want to play and just sat by me, which isn't normal. I took the kids to the bathroom but that didn't help Sanaa feel better. Instead she asked to go home. So we headed home where she spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch. 

Friday she still wasn't feeling that well and she asked if we could just stay home. That isn't normal for her either, so I knew she wasn't feeling the best. She was running a very small fever but at times would get up from the couch and play. During one of her periods of feeling semi-okay I let the girls decorate contact paper I taped to our back window to create "stained glass."

Layla decided her's would look better with some ribbon on the top and bottom and feathers on the side.

Sanaa choose to just use tissue paper and streamers.

On Saturday we were invited to a birthday party and I was really hoping that Sanaa would be better and able to go. Friday evening Sanaa seemed to be doing much better. She ate a little dinner, had a bath, and even made a birthday card with Layla and Malakai.

However, Saturday morning Sanaa was not doing better. She almost seemed worse. I assumed I wouldn't be going to the party at all but Layla got quite upset at the possibility of not seeing Lexi and Brynli. They moved up to Vancouver, WA about a month ago and our school schedules are different enough to where we haven't seen them since they moved. Sanaa suggested I call grandma to come watch her and luckily my mom was able to come.

I ended up only taking Layla to the party. When grandma arrived at our house, Malakai refused to leave! I tried to take him from my mom so I could leave and he screamed. My mom also tried to put him in the van but he screamed more. So she said she could keep him too. Once grandma took Malakai's coat off and let him stay in the house he was perfectly happy. The little stinker wanted to stay with grandma! So, Layla and I headed to the party. Burke, Lexi and Brynli's little brother was celebrating his first birthday.

Layla with Lexi and Brynli. The girls had a blast. Once Sanaa is better I'll arrange a time for all of us to go back so that Sanaa can play with them as well.

Lexi drew the pictures to use as decorations for Burke's party. She did an amazing job.

Lexi, Layla, and Brynli all "helped" Burke taste his cake.

When I got home Saturday from the party, Sanaa still wasn't feeling well so I had to find ways to keep Malakai and Layla occupied. They spent a little time painting with water colors and played outside too.

Below is pretty much how Sanaa has looked since Friday. I stayed home from church with her today. She's still complaining of her stomach hurting and she's not eating or drinking much. We're able to get her to take small sips by telling her that if she doesn't we'll have to take her to the hospital. She's terrified to go to the hospital and when I called the on-call doctor they actually suggested we take her in. But since she's drinking and eating small bites I'm waiting until tomorrow morning when I can take her in to see our pediatrician.

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