Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring break part 3: trip to the zoo and playing in the rain

On Tuesday, it rained off and on. Since the rest of the weather forecast for our spring break had 80-90% chance of rain I figured Tuesday might be our best day to go to the zoo. I called the girls' friends that live down the street Tuesday morning to see what they were up to and we made plans to meet at the zoo. It rained off and on but wasn't too bad since we were prepared with our rain coats, rain boots, and umbrellas. We stayed until about 2pm and then it started to rain a bit heavier. By that point all the kids were getting a little tired, so it was a good time for us to head home.

Sanaa, Naomi, Layla, and Marcus standing in front of the bears to see how tall they are. Malakai was hanging out in the stroller. I was quite surprised at how content Malakai was to stay in the stroller. It sure made my trip to the zoo with three kids easier.

The rest of the week rained. On Wednesday all of us were tired and considering how much we had done over the past 5 days I'm not surprised (dinner in Portland, a day at grandpa and grandma's, trip to the beach, morning at the zoo). So on Wednesday we did some grocery shopping and ran a couple of errands. I then sent the kids outside to play in the rain.

Layla figured that three umbrellas would be better than just one.

When it started raining, Malakai wasn't too sure about it. After I got his hood on he was fine and had a lot of fun playing.

Malakai was the last one to come in and took a lot of convincing. I think I finally had to bribe him with a smoothie to get him to come back inside.

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