Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring break part 2: beach day

Monday was our last nice sunny day of spring break. It was also Nate's day off, so we made a day trip out to the coast. We spent the day at Canon beach. The kids were very excited about a day at the beach. The morning was great. We had a light breeze and lots of sun. It was still a little cool (mid 50's) but that did not stop Layla and Sanaa from playing in the water. Around 2pm a strong wind came in and we packed up our stuff and got off the beach. The wind was so strong that sand covered our blanket and towel we had on the ground. It knocked over a chair and some of our sand toys started to blow away. So we went and let the kids play on a near by play structure and then ate dinner at Mo's.

For the first hour or so, Malakai would not venture off of the blanket. He would walk to the edge and play in the sand, but he did not want his feet on the sand.

He also spent a lot of time sitting in my chair. Eventually he did warm up to the feel of the sand and after that he was unstoppable. But it was so funny to see Sanaa and Layla dart off and begin playing while Malakai stayed on the blanket.

Layla insisted that it was a nice summer day and the sun was warm enough to dry her clothes.

My favorite part was watching the girls play in the waves. They spent a couple hours running back and forth with the waves. It'll be fun to spend more time at the coast as the weather gets warmer and let them play in the waves even longer. I had to make them take frequent breaks to warm up. Layla would just shiver yet still insist she wasn't cold.

I love the picture below of them holding hands and smiling as they wait for the next wave.

Once Malakai got use the sand, there was no stopping him. He didn't even want to quit playing when the strong wind picked up.

Luckily the nearby play structure and climbing tree helped distract the kids from the fact that we weren't playing in the sand anymore.

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