Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring break - part 1: walk along the river front and driving tractors

We are wrapping up our spring break. Tomorrow Sanaa is suppose to head back to school, but I doubt I'll be sending her. She's been sick since Thursday afternoon. Definitely not a fun way to end spring break. But our spring break started out great!

Last Friday I decided to take the kids into Portland to meet Nate after he got off at work. He had the 8-5 shift, so the kids and I took the MAX on into Portland and met Nate after work. We took the kids out to eat and then walked down to the water front. Sanaa and Layla loved this! They were so excited about riding the MAX and seeing the big city. I'll have to admit I was a little nervous riding the MAX with three little kids since I knew it would be a 30 minute ride. But they did awesome! The girls just watched everything pass by the windows and when we got into Portland they started to talk excitedly about being in the city. Malakai did well too. He didn't start to fuss until we were about 3 stops away from our stop.

Nate took us to Joe's Burgers & Fries and the kids had hot dogs and french fries. Nate and I had hamburgers.

After dinner we spent time walking along the river front. It got cool as the sun began to set but the kids loved it. This is the Willamette River. Sanaa thought the river was as big as an ocean, so I had to explain that at the ocean you can't actually see all the way across. So while this river was big, it wasn't nearly as big as an ocean.

I was able to get a nice picture of Nate with the kids, but Malakai wouldn't let me hold him, so I only got a picture of me with Sanaa and Layla.

On Saturday I schedule a hair cut appointment for Malakai. I dropped Sanaa and Layla off at my parents while I took Malakai in for his hair cut. He didn't enjoy getting it cut but he looks much better! I returned to my parents house and we spent the afternoon outside "helping" grandpa with yard work. While I was gone with Malakai, Sanaa and Layla helped grandma plant some flowers. They proudly showed me the ones they planted when I returned.

Grandpa had a lot of mowing to do, so he hooked up grandma's garden wagon and gave the kids ride. Malakai would not ride in the wagon when it was connected to the tractor. But if we pulled the wagon ourselves then he would ride.

Layla and Sanaa had fun getting pulled by grandpa and they rode in the wagon most of the time that grandpa mowed. They did end up with a lot of grass on them, so I gave them a quick bath before dinner.

After grandpa was finished mowing the girls got a chance to drive the tractor by themselves. Yes, I did say drive! I even have video of it! Of course, the tractor was in the lowest gear possible and grandpa walked right next to them. Sanaa did pretty well, until she ran into the railroad ties that surround a flower bed in the center of my parents driveway. But grandpa helped her straighten out the tractor so that she could keep driving.

Layla didn't weigh enough to keep the tractor running, so grandpa had to push down on the back of the seat as she steered to keep the tractor going. She was a little less hesitant to drive and didn't drive nearly as long as Sanaa did. But they both had fun.

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