Saturday, March 8, 2014

It's been a busy few weeks

Wow! It's been about 2 1/2 weeks since I last wrote something! I had no idea that much time had passed. We have been quite busy with planned and unplanned things around here. About 3 weeks ago, one of the moms in the MOPS group I'm a part of needed to move out of her home immediately. She was getting out of an abusive situation. She was able to get nearly 20 people from her job, church, and MOPS to help her move. Some of Nate's co-workers even came to help! After she and her son were moved to a new place I coordinated some meals for her because she was so overwhelmed mentally and emotionally. 

Then Sanaa got sick. She ended up missing two days of school with an ear infection and tummy ache. The tummy ache was very weird. She would be fine and then double over in pain. The doctor actually mentioned that she has seen a cold virus going around that includes stomach pain, so it was either that or constipation. The ear infection seem to come on very suddenly. I think that her tummy was hurting so much that she didn't notice her ear beginning to hurt until the pain got really bad. She started her antibiotics and was back at school the next day.

After that, Nate's parents came for a short visit but I realized I only took a handful of pictures while they were here. Those pictures will be in a different post. 

Finally, this past week I had to drop off clothes and toys at a consignment sale. So between helping a mom move, Sanaa getting sick, Nate's parents coming to visit, and needing to get all my items tagged for the sale, things have been very busy here these last two weeks.

We've also had a lot of rain with a couple of days of nice sunny weather. The kids have loved our 2-3 days of sun! One afternoon to keep them busy I sent them outside with water bottles to spray whatever they wanted. They stayed busy for nearly an hour!

I had said that spraying each other with water was off limits, but Malakai wasn't going to listen.

We've also been making a lot of pizza. With Sanaa's cheerleading, we've been having pizza and pizza pockets twice a week. The pizza pockets are great for the evenings that she has cheerleading practice because the kids can eat that in the car. Saturday nights we typically have pizza in the hopes that we'll have some leftovers for lunch on Sunday.

This was Malakai's first time to help put the ingredients on the pizza. He was so excited! Each of them had their own dough to put toppings on and that worked out perfectly.

Malakai LOVES to try on everyone's shoes. Nate had left his shoes in the kitchen and Malakai quickly used that opportunity to try them on. He wasn't able to walk in them because they were too heavy but he was very proud that he was at least wearing them.

Malakai also enjoys getting horsy rides from his sisters. Sanaa and Layla enjoy carrying him around so this works out well for all of them.

Layla asked me to take her picture with the strainer on her head and with her funny face. Both Malakai and Layla were wearing strainers at the same time but when I went to take the picture Malakai's strainer fell off his head and then he threw a tantrum.

On Friday (Feb 28) Sanaa's kindergarten class celebrated their 100 days of school. I was able to go and stay the entire morning. For the first half of the morning I just had Layla. Nate dropped Malakai off during the second half so he could head to work. The kids in Sanaa's class had a lot of fun. They went to different stations and did an activity that included 100 of something. At one station they used 100 circle stickers to make a picture. They also used dot paint to put 100 gum balls on a paper gum ball machine. They picked out 100 pieces of snack (10 pieces of 10 different snacks). Finally, they made glasses out of the number 100 and a hat with the number 100 on it.

The best part was that Sanaa was the Star Student for the day. She did her public speaking and shared with the class her president project (it was basically a fill in the blank sheet, but each child had a different president). I enjoyed watching her. After she finished speaking she got to sit in the Star Student chair.

And finally, a few more outside pictures. We had a beautiful sunny day yesterday. It was in the low 60's! It hasn't been that warm since Sept or Oct. Malakai made up a new game. He would throw a big ball onto the bushes and then get Layla to take it off for him. I'm glad Layla was such a good sport about it.

I turn my back for a minute to take care of one child and find my other two children with green chalk all over their faces. Oh well. They had fun and thought it was hilarious.

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