Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Catching up from the past couple of weeks

Since the end of February (which was only about 2 1/2 weeks ago):
-we have had Nate's parents visit
-Sanaa came down with an ear infection and bad tummy ache
-I had to tag and drop off 189 items at a consignment sale
-I had to prepare and give a presentation at my MOPS group
-Layla and Malakai came down with a cold
-Nate preached his very first sermon
-Sanaa's cheerleading ended and they had a big celebration
-we held a 60th birthday party for my mom

Boy am I tired. I have nothing, absolutely nothing on the calendar for this week (not even MOPS!!!) and I love it. 

Sanaa was a part of Upward and was a cheerleader in it. Last weekend they had their end of the season Upward celebration. The cheerleaders got to do their music routine for the whole crowd. My dad was able to come and it was the first time he got to see Sanaa perform. At the celebration, they flew in a gal who does a variety of basketball tricks. During her routine she would pull people up on stage from the audience. Sanaa got pulled up to do the hula hoop while having a basketball spin on her finger (with the help of Tanya, the performer). It was so cool!!! And of course, all of us (Nate, Layla, Malakai, my dad and I) were excited to see Sanaa on stage for that.

This is a random picture from Saturday morning as I was cleaning before my mom's birthday party. All 3 kids were lounging on the couch watching a Baby Einstein video. It's the only thing Malakai will actually watch. If Sanaa or Layla picks something else, he'll watch about 5 minutes before leaving the room.

We have had several nice days and the kids have asked to eat outside. I don't mind one bit since it keeps my kitchen floor cleaner! I'd much rather leave all the food crumbs outside.

On Saturday, I ended up mowing the yard quick before Malakai's nap. I hadn't planned to, but since the sun came out I figured that during my mom's party some of the family would be outside so I should mow the yard. Well.... Malakai had quite a bit of fun as I mowed. He played in the mud. While this picture is quite funny now, I was not happy at the time because it meant that I had to give him a bath before his nap and I still had the food to get ready for the party.

For St. Patrick's Day Sanaa and Layla wore their green outfits. Layla mixed and matched all the green clothes she could find which included, a green dress, green capris, green socks, and teal shoes.

Malakai sees his sisters wearing their bike helmets frequently, so when Sanaa finally took hers off, he decided it was his turn. I think I might need to put a bike helmet on his birthday list so he's not wearing a pink helmet around.

We've also been doing a lot of bubbles. It's one of Malakai's favorite activities. If we're outside, he wants the bubbles. I saw on Pinterest a tutorial to make your own bubble wands out of pipe cleaners. I was really curious, so I had Sanaa and Layla make one. Then we tried it. And it works great! It's almost easier to blow bubbles from!

Finally, on March 9th, Nate preached his very first sermon. It was title Lent 101 and he talked about what Lent is, why it is observed, what in Scripture the 40 days of fasting are based on, and ways in which we can observe Lent. He did great! Really good. He has received a lot of compliments and several people have told him he needs to preach more. So I have no idea what his future holds. I know I never imagined him as a preacher, but he does have a real gift for teaching. I guess we'll just have to wait and see where the Lord leads us.

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