Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring break part 4: crafts, birthday party, and getting sick

At the beginning of spring break, Sanaa had a list of ideas of what she wanted to do and where she wanted to go. After resting and not doing much on Wednesday we were ready to go out again on Thursday. Thursday Sanaa wanted to go to the mall and the library. The library didn't open until noon so we headed to the mall first. We walked around for a little while at the mall and the girls used their money from their piggy banks to pay for a ride on the small merry-go-round. I then let the kids play for a little bit in the play area. But while we were at the play area, Sanaa began complaining of her tummy hurting. She didn't want to play and just sat by me, which isn't normal. I took the kids to the bathroom but that didn't help Sanaa feel better. Instead she asked to go home. So we headed home where she spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch. 

Friday she still wasn't feeling that well and she asked if we could just stay home. That isn't normal for her either, so I knew she wasn't feeling the best. She was running a very small fever but at times would get up from the couch and play. During one of her periods of feeling semi-okay I let the girls decorate contact paper I taped to our back window to create "stained glass."

Layla decided her's would look better with some ribbon on the top and bottom and feathers on the side.

Sanaa choose to just use tissue paper and streamers.

On Saturday we were invited to a birthday party and I was really hoping that Sanaa would be better and able to go. Friday evening Sanaa seemed to be doing much better. She ate a little dinner, had a bath, and even made a birthday card with Layla and Malakai.

However, Saturday morning Sanaa was not doing better. She almost seemed worse. I assumed I wouldn't be going to the party at all but Layla got quite upset at the possibility of not seeing Lexi and Brynli. They moved up to Vancouver, WA about a month ago and our school schedules are different enough to where we haven't seen them since they moved. Sanaa suggested I call grandma to come watch her and luckily my mom was able to come.

I ended up only taking Layla to the party. When grandma arrived at our house, Malakai refused to leave! I tried to take him from my mom so I could leave and he screamed. My mom also tried to put him in the van but he screamed more. So she said she could keep him too. Once grandma took Malakai's coat off and let him stay in the house he was perfectly happy. The little stinker wanted to stay with grandma! So, Layla and I headed to the party. Burke, Lexi and Brynli's little brother was celebrating his first birthday.

Layla with Lexi and Brynli. The girls had a blast. Once Sanaa is better I'll arrange a time for all of us to go back so that Sanaa can play with them as well.

Lexi drew the pictures to use as decorations for Burke's party. She did an amazing job.

Lexi, Layla, and Brynli all "helped" Burke taste his cake.

When I got home Saturday from the party, Sanaa still wasn't feeling well so I had to find ways to keep Malakai and Layla occupied. They spent a little time painting with water colors and played outside too.

Below is pretty much how Sanaa has looked since Friday. I stayed home from church with her today. She's still complaining of her stomach hurting and she's not eating or drinking much. We're able to get her to take small sips by telling her that if she doesn't we'll have to take her to the hospital. She's terrified to go to the hospital and when I called the on-call doctor they actually suggested we take her in. But since she's drinking and eating small bites I'm waiting until tomorrow morning when I can take her in to see our pediatrician.

Spring break part 3: trip to the zoo and playing in the rain

On Tuesday, it rained off and on. Since the rest of the weather forecast for our spring break had 80-90% chance of rain I figured Tuesday might be our best day to go to the zoo. I called the girls' friends that live down the street Tuesday morning to see what they were up to and we made plans to meet at the zoo. It rained off and on but wasn't too bad since we were prepared with our rain coats, rain boots, and umbrellas. We stayed until about 2pm and then it started to rain a bit heavier. By that point all the kids were getting a little tired, so it was a good time for us to head home.

Sanaa, Naomi, Layla, and Marcus standing in front of the bears to see how tall they are. Malakai was hanging out in the stroller. I was quite surprised at how content Malakai was to stay in the stroller. It sure made my trip to the zoo with three kids easier.

The rest of the week rained. On Wednesday all of us were tired and considering how much we had done over the past 5 days I'm not surprised (dinner in Portland, a day at grandpa and grandma's, trip to the beach, morning at the zoo). So on Wednesday we did some grocery shopping and ran a couple of errands. I then sent the kids outside to play in the rain.

Layla figured that three umbrellas would be better than just one.

When it started raining, Malakai wasn't too sure about it. After I got his hood on he was fine and had a lot of fun playing.

Malakai was the last one to come in and took a lot of convincing. I think I finally had to bribe him with a smoothie to get him to come back inside.

Spring break part 2: beach day

Monday was our last nice sunny day of spring break. It was also Nate's day off, so we made a day trip out to the coast. We spent the day at Canon beach. The kids were very excited about a day at the beach. The morning was great. We had a light breeze and lots of sun. It was still a little cool (mid 50's) but that did not stop Layla and Sanaa from playing in the water. Around 2pm a strong wind came in and we packed up our stuff and got off the beach. The wind was so strong that sand covered our blanket and towel we had on the ground. It knocked over a chair and some of our sand toys started to blow away. So we went and let the kids play on a near by play structure and then ate dinner at Mo's.

For the first hour or so, Malakai would not venture off of the blanket. He would walk to the edge and play in the sand, but he did not want his feet on the sand.

He also spent a lot of time sitting in my chair. Eventually he did warm up to the feel of the sand and after that he was unstoppable. But it was so funny to see Sanaa and Layla dart off and begin playing while Malakai stayed on the blanket.

Layla insisted that it was a nice summer day and the sun was warm enough to dry her clothes.

My favorite part was watching the girls play in the waves. They spent a couple hours running back and forth with the waves. It'll be fun to spend more time at the coast as the weather gets warmer and let them play in the waves even longer. I had to make them take frequent breaks to warm up. Layla would just shiver yet still insist she wasn't cold.

I love the picture below of them holding hands and smiling as they wait for the next wave.

Once Malakai got use the sand, there was no stopping him. He didn't even want to quit playing when the strong wind picked up.

Luckily the nearby play structure and climbing tree helped distract the kids from the fact that we weren't playing in the sand anymore.

Spring break - part 1: walk along the river front and driving tractors

We are wrapping up our spring break. Tomorrow Sanaa is suppose to head back to school, but I doubt I'll be sending her. She's been sick since Thursday afternoon. Definitely not a fun way to end spring break. But our spring break started out great!

Last Friday I decided to take the kids into Portland to meet Nate after he got off at work. He had the 8-5 shift, so the kids and I took the MAX on into Portland and met Nate after work. We took the kids out to eat and then walked down to the water front. Sanaa and Layla loved this! They were so excited about riding the MAX and seeing the big city. I'll have to admit I was a little nervous riding the MAX with three little kids since I knew it would be a 30 minute ride. But they did awesome! The girls just watched everything pass by the windows and when we got into Portland they started to talk excitedly about being in the city. Malakai did well too. He didn't start to fuss until we were about 3 stops away from our stop.

Nate took us to Joe's Burgers & Fries and the kids had hot dogs and french fries. Nate and I had hamburgers.

After dinner we spent time walking along the river front. It got cool as the sun began to set but the kids loved it. This is the Willamette River. Sanaa thought the river was as big as an ocean, so I had to explain that at the ocean you can't actually see all the way across. So while this river was big, it wasn't nearly as big as an ocean.

I was able to get a nice picture of Nate with the kids, but Malakai wouldn't let me hold him, so I only got a picture of me with Sanaa and Layla.

On Saturday I schedule a hair cut appointment for Malakai. I dropped Sanaa and Layla off at my parents while I took Malakai in for his hair cut. He didn't enjoy getting it cut but he looks much better! I returned to my parents house and we spent the afternoon outside "helping" grandpa with yard work. While I was gone with Malakai, Sanaa and Layla helped grandma plant some flowers. They proudly showed me the ones they planted when I returned.

Grandpa had a lot of mowing to do, so he hooked up grandma's garden wagon and gave the kids ride. Malakai would not ride in the wagon when it was connected to the tractor. But if we pulled the wagon ourselves then he would ride.

Layla and Sanaa had fun getting pulled by grandpa and they rode in the wagon most of the time that grandpa mowed. They did end up with a lot of grass on them, so I gave them a quick bath before dinner.

After grandpa was finished mowing the girls got a chance to drive the tractor by themselves. Yes, I did say drive! I even have video of it! Of course, the tractor was in the lowest gear possible and grandpa walked right next to them. Sanaa did pretty well, until she ran into the railroad ties that surround a flower bed in the center of my parents driveway. But grandpa helped her straighten out the tractor so that she could keep driving.

Layla didn't weigh enough to keep the tractor running, so grandpa had to push down on the back of the seat as she steered to keep the tractor going. She was a little less hesitant to drive and didn't drive nearly as long as Sanaa did. But they both had fun.