Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The tooth fairy's first visit to Sanaa

Our morning started out in a very exciting way. Sanaa lost her first tooth! Her tooth has been loose for over a month and I was beginning to wonder when it would fall out. Yesterday it was very loose and before she went to bed she showed Nate and I just how loose it was. It was very close to coming out and just needed a good pull but she wouldn't let us touch it. She went back to bed and I figured I would help her pull it out today.

But that is not what happened.

The alarm in the girls room went off and they came stumbling out still half asleep. Sanaa headed to the couch to lay down (her normal routine in the morning). I covered her with the couch blankets so she could rest for another 5 minutes or so. Shortly after I walked back into the kitchen I hear, "Dad, mom! My tooth is gone! I swallowed it but I didn't choke!"

Sure enough. Her tooth was gone. At some point while she was sleeping it fell out and she must have swallowed it. We didn't find it anywhere in the room or on her bed.

Sanaa was so excited that she lost her first tooth. I think this was the best possible way for her to lose it. She was getting pretty nervous about it hurting and bleeding when it came out. I think now that she has lost one, she'll be a little less nervous about losing any others. She did show me today that a second tooth is now loose!

Last night I figured her tooth would be coming out soon and decided I should get started on a special tooth fairy pillow. I found a really easy pillow tutorial on Pinterest. All you have to use is felt (which I have a lot of on hand)! I cut out the letter S, a tooth for the pouch, and made a small pillow for her. I'll make one for Layla and Malakai as well.

Since we didn't have her actual tooth, Sanaa wrote a note to the tooth fairy explaining what happened.  This was good writing practice for her. Her note said, "Dear Tooth Fairy, My tooth went down my throat. I am sorry. Love, Sanaa." Isn't that sweet?!? The tooth fairy will be leaving her a special note and some coins. I asked Sanaa what she thought the tooth fairy would leave and she told me money coins! She set her tooth fairy pillow next to her clock, which is nice. I think the tooth fairy will have a much easier time getting to it than searching for it on her top bunk!

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