Saturday, February 15, 2014

The rest of the pictures from our snow days

The snow is gone. The rain is back and we have returned to our normal schedules. The schools were still closed on Monday because of icy conditions on the roads. By Tuesday things were better. There was still plenty of snow around but the roads were mainly wet so it wasn't treacherous. The kids and I hadn't left the house since Thursday afternoon. We'd gone outside to play in the snow and play with neighbors but that was it and I think all of us were ready to get back to our normal routine.

These are the rest of the pictures from our snow days. The kids had a great time playing with stickers. For Malakai this was an awesome fine motor activity. He was able to get the stickers off the sheet all by himself and was very engrossed in what he was doing. He worked with the stickers for nearly 15 minutes! It was awesome!

We also made heart shaped sugar cookies. I let each kid roll out their own dough and cut out the shapes. It made a mess, but they loved it. Malakai mainly played with the cookie dough. I have him so well trained to not eat dough since we're usually playing with play-doh that he would not even taste the cookie dough! Layla on the other hand continually snuck in bites of cookie dough, so I'm sure she ate at least half of her dough. Sanaa waited until all the cookies were cut out and then asked me if she could eat the little bit that was left.

When Nate came home Saturday, he was covered in snow. He left for work early and just as he arrived at the mall he received a text message saying the store was closed. That was extremely frustrating. But later Saturday afternoon the train was shut down due to ice, so I'm glad Nate didn't get stuck at work.

There was one day Malakai insisted on wearing a pink headband. He was able to get it on himself and was pretty proud.

We also used our snow days to finish up the Valentine's Day cards the girls were taking to school. Both of them are doing a great job at cutting. Layla has improved a lot with her cutting skills since the beginning of the school year.

Layla took the 'Make No Mistake' Valentine's Day cards with an eraser to her class. Sanaa took the pencils. We glued a pom-pom and wiggly eyes on top. The little flag says, "I have my eyes on You!" I was able to attend both girls' Valentine's Day parties this week and at Sanaa's party her friends really liked her pencils with the wiggly eyes. We might just have to make those again next year.

On Sunday, Sanaa, Layla and I built a snowman. We had had a lot of fun sledding but I wanted to build at least one snowman before the snow melted.

Layla wouldn't really cooperate for a picture. She was actually pretty upset and cold, so I was happy that I at least got her to look at the camera.

Monday Nate headed back to work, but the kids and I were still home. I needed something to do with them and I needed them to play outside because they were doing too much fighting inside. So we painted snow. I vaguely remembered seeing this idea on Pinterest at one point and figured that you could just use water and food coloring. I found 4 spray bottle and filled them with water. Then I added drops of food coloring and swirled it around.

They all had a great time spraying the snow. They were even able to mix the colors. So Sanaa and Layla sprayed blue and red on the same area to make purple. Malakai was able to spray things but had a hard time aiming. I got hit several times by him.

This kept them busy for a good 30 minutes! It was awesome and if we ever get a lot of snow again I'll have to remember this activity.

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