Saturday, February 8, 2014

Snow days - part 2: sledding and playing in the snow

The snow just won't stop! I love it! Last time I measured we had 6 inches but that was this morning before it started snowing again. These pictures are from yesterday and today.

Yesterday I pulled the girls around on our small sleds and they enjoyed that. Malakai did okay in the snow, but didn't last long. Once he felt the snow, he was done and I had to carry him. So, holding him and pulling the girls around was a lot of work.

Sand toys work really well in the snow! Layla had fun building some snow castles in the driveway.

Yesterday the snow was already getting a little deep on Malakai. The poor guy was having a hard time walking in the snow. Once he fell and that was the end of that. Today, he wouldn't even let Nate put him down in the snow at all. So I think Malakai has had enough of this cold white stuff even though the rest of us are enjoying it.

This morning I talked with my friend down the street and we arranged to meet up and let our kids play. Sanaa and Layla were very excited to play with Marcus and Naomi. We walked over to the other end of our street where they live and took some sleds.

They live at the bottom of a hill so Lidia and I pulled the kids up the road and then pulled them back down the hill. In the picture below Lidia is pulling Layla and Naomi.

I'm pulling Marcus and Sanaa. They were quite heavy and I got a pretty good workout this morning. I think I ran down the hill pulling the sled with different kids on it at least 10 times.

Nate took several shots of Lidia and I pulling the kids around on the sleds. The kids had a blast. We were only out for about 45 minutes and by the end they were really cold.

Sanaa eventually asked if she could pull me. I was a little heavy for her, but she tried hard to pull me!

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