Friday, February 7, 2014

Snow day 2014!

Yesterday (Thursday) it started snowing and we were very excited around here! Snow is a rare thing here in the northwest. All the schools in the area dismissed classes shortly after lunch. That didn't affect my kids since Sanaa attends morning kindergarten and Layla gets out of preschool at 11:25am. So both girls were finished with school for the day when the district made the decision to send students home early. 

When I took Sanaa and Malakai to pick up Layla the snow had just started. I made the decision to run by the pet store to get cat food since the cats were almost out of food. While I'm glad that we now have enough food for them, the drive home from store wasn't much fun. The roads were already getting slick and any time I stopped at a light and started again, the van would slide a little bit. My normal way home was all backed up, so I ended up coming home a different way to avoid getting stuck in traffic and to avoid any major hills. I think it took us about 30 minutes to get home. Normally it would only take 10 minutes. But we made it home safe, the van is in the garage, and the cats have food. I don't think we'll be going anywhere for the rest of the weekend. 

As I type this at 2:30pm, it has started snowing again. Yesterday and last night we got 3-4 inches. (We had 3 inches on the driveway and 4 inches in the grass). It has now been snowing for almost 2 hours so I have no idea how much we'll end up with tonight. Sanaa's cheerleading has been cancelled for tomorrow and I'm not sure we'll be going to church on Sunday. Our church is at the top of a hill and the driveway and parking lot are fairly steep. I guess we'll see what the church staff decides tomorrow.

But we have been enjoying our time with the snow! The pictures below are from yesterday. I'll put more pictures from today up either tonight or tomorrow.

All three kids were excited to watch it snow and sat/stood by the window as I made lunch yesterday.

I found snow pants for the girls! I had bought snow pants about 2 years ago, but we never got any snow. I completely forgot about the snow pants and found them yesterday while searching for more hats and gloves. The snow pants are a little too small but they still work. Layla is wearing snow pants that are 18 months in size (even though she is 3 years old) and Sanaa is wearing size 3T. Haha! It keeps their legs warm at least. Malakai is wearing two pairs of pants. One in his normal size of 18 months and second pair that is 24 months.

When we arrived home from the store, the kids didn't want to go it. So I let them play in the snow for a little while.

I'm rarely in pictures with the kids, so I got a picture with each them while we were outside yesterday.

I'm sure they would have stayed outside for awhile and played but they all started getting cold and hungry. Since it was nearly 1pm and they hadn't had lunch I decided we should probably head inside.

Sanaa wanted a picture of all the snow on her hair.

Even my cat sat by the window and watched the snow fall yesterday. She went outside last night but wasn't too sure what to think of the snow and didn't stay outside very long. 

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