Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sledding on ice

We had a blast this morning! I knew there was ice on top of the snow and I wanted to see how thick it was. I remember as a kid being able to walk on top of snow sometimes if the ice was thick enough. So Nate and I bundled everyone up and we headed out.

Malakai was the only one light enough to stand on top of the snow. But he wasn't too happy about it. He has not been his normal self these past few days. When we're outside he will not let us put him down. I snapped the pictures below right as Nate put him down and just before he started crying. Malakai has also had a hard time sleeping or napping and does a lot of crying when we lay him down for his naps, which is not normal. I don't know what is up with him but hopefully whatever is going on will pass soon.

The streets around us are covered with a sheet of ice. We saw a few cars while we were out playing but all of them had chains on. Since there was ice I had the girls get their sleds that uncle Ryan and aunt Karen gave us two years ago so I pull them around again. It was much easier pulling them on ice and they had a blast!

We went up and down our street several times.

Nate had a chance to pull the girls as well while I held Malakai. However, Malakai was not happy with that arrangement at all and cried the entire time.

So Nate ended up carrying Malakai while pulling the girls!

I wanted to give Malakai a little ride but when we tried to sit him on the sled he just screamed. So Nate sat with Malakai and girls hopped on the other sled. I then pulled all 4 family members up and down our road. That was a workout!

Malakai just wasn't impressed with anything. Even though daddy was holding him, he still wasn't happy.

Eventually, we walked to the end of our street because the girls was to sled down the hill. All of us took turns doing this and it was so much fun! Nate went down first and then we took turns with the girls. Nate even took Malakai once but again, Malakai didn't seem to enjoy it. 

I think we played outside for nearly two hours. We had so much fun sledding! Sanaa and Layla want to go back out, so we'll see what the weather is like after nap time. It's starting to warm up some and we're suppose to start getting rain.

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