Sunday, February 9, 2014

"Just Stay Home!"

"Just stay home" is the message being sent out to all the residents in Portland, Beaverton, and the surrounding areas. Yesterday afternoon and last night we got some wonderful freezing rain on top of our 7-8 inches of snow. The MAX (which is a train) that Nate uses to get to work, is not operating. There are a few buses still operating but for the most part everything is shut down. We are snowed in! I never would have thought that would have happened here. I figured we'd get a day or two of snow but I never expected it to get worse with ice and shut down the cities.  I sure am glad I did my grocery shopping on Thursday! That is typically my normal day to shop but I had thought about waiting until Friday. However, I only had one diaper left and figured I would just do all the shopping on Thursday and stay home on Friday. 

These are some pictures from around our house. On Thursday you could still see my daffodils. 

On Friday, my daffodils were about half covered with snow. 

On Saturday, most of the daffodils were completely covered! A few daffodils poked through but not many.

In the back yard, there was 6 inches on the deck (before the ice came). The snow on the ground was almost level with the deck and I have no idea what toys are hiding under the snow. I picked up most of them before it started snowing, but I think there may be a small shovel or other random toy under the snow just waiting to trip us.

The next two pictures I took from Malakai's bedroom window. After his nap on Friday he was looking out his window at all the snow on the table.

The poor birds. I couldn't keep their bird feeder uncovered very well. The birds have been quite happy to have any food that I've put out.

The garden at the side of our house. My strawberries are completely covered and snow is almost level with the elevated area where our raised beds are.

The kids water table is now a snow table. The turtle (that is next to it which you can't really see) is completely covered and looks like a small snow hill that we could slide down.

The neighbor's cat doing it's best to walk through our backyard. It was actually stalking the birds at our bird feeder. We call this cat Aria's twin. The only way I can tell the difference between the cats is to look at their face. Aria has a white nose and the neighbor's cat has a brown nose.

The way the snow decorated the top of the fence was awesome! Little waves of snow line the fence around our house.

The remaining pictures were taken by Nate on Friday and Saturday as he travel to and from work. I know for most of you, these pictures won't make sense. But for us it'll be fun to look back at the areas we frequently walk and drive and see it covered in snow. The first pictures are from downtown Portland as Nate left work on Friday.

This was taken Friday morning in the area where Nate gets picked up by the bus at 170th and Cynthia.

The picture below is looking down our street from the end of our driveway.

This is a look down Barcelona which is one of the streets we drive on everyday and the street Nate walks along to get to the bus stop.

The road below is 170th. The main road just outside our neighborhood. Nate took this Saturday morning. He sent it with a text that said he was standing in the middle of the road. No one was out at this time.

This would be the intersection at Farmington and Lombard. It's one of the intersections I drive through to get to the store. Nate was on the bus heading to the train when he took this.
Notes from Nate: I think that it is hard to overemphasize how rare an event this is for Portland. According to the residents who have been around longer than us, you normally don't get ANY snow for a winter, and if you do get some snow, its typically just some flurries that never stick. And if it does stick, weather that is severe enough to shut down the MAX is almost unheard of.

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