Monday, February 3, 2014

Dress up center

I saw a really great storage idea on Pinterest for dress up clothes (click here to see it). Since my dad had two cabinets he wasn't going to use, I decided to take both off of his hands. The smaller one I turned into an animal zoo and this larger one I used for the girls new dress up center. 

My dad and I removed most of the shelves before I remembered to take a picture. We got to a point where we had to figure out how to remove the metal bar so that we could get the last shelf and divider out. My dad ended up cutting the metal bar and then used a small hand saw to get the divider out. 

Once we finished, I loaded everyone up in our van (which was a tight fit with three kids!). The smaller cabinet fit in the trunk but this larger one had to sit just inside the back door next to Malakai. So I had to load all three kids in the van and then put the larger cabinet in. Once again both girls enjoyed helping me paint.

I didn't paint the inside since I had already planned to cover it with fabric. Plus, it would have been a pain to paint all the little crevices where the shelves were.

To finish off the inside I stapled thin batting over the wood and then I stapled fabric over the batting.

After cutting and stapling the batting I was getting a little tired of trying to cut straight. So instead of cutting the fabric before stapling it down, I just stapled one side and pulled it across the cabinet. This way I only had to cut off one side of the fabric and the bottom.

I wanted to get a shot of it after I had finished stapling the fabric but Malakai kept posing inside so I had to include him.

Finally, to cover the staples and give it a more finished look I used a hot glue gun to attach some edging. Sanaa and Layla helped pick out the fabric and the edging. I helped guide them and pointed out fabric that would match the red paint. However, the edging was completely Sanaa's decision. She saw it and had to have it.

Here is the finished product before we hung up the dress up clothes.

The girls absolutely love the new dress up center! They can see all their dress up clothes much easier. All their dress up shoes, hats, gloves, purses, etc are in another container. I'm thinking that later this week we'll need to go through all their purses, jewelry, and accessories and get rid of the stuff they don't play with. I don't think I realized how many accessories they have!

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