Saturday, February 1, 2014

Crafting, watching, reading, working, and eating

I find myself not taking very many pictures right now. Our weeks are so busy right now so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that there are a lack of pictures. We are driving to church at least 4 times during the week. Between MOPS, Sanaa's cheerleading practice, Sanaa's cheerleading on game day, and attending the service on Sunday, Nate and I have joked about just renting a room to stay at in the church. 

Thursdays are probably my worst day of the week since Sanaa has cheerleading practice right before my flute practice so dinner doesn't happen that night. The kids have get to eat in the car and then have a snack at home when I drop them off with Nate. 

For the most part I think Sanaa is enjoying cheerleading. She did tell me for the first time this morning that she needs a basketball so she can practice for next year. I asked if she wanted to play basketball next year and she said yes and then told me that cheerleading is "too boring." Haha! I do think that it was good for her to do cheerleading this year. At the beginning she was actually scared of basketball and told me that she couldn't play because she couldn't run fast. But now that she's watched the other kids play she is more excited about basketball then cheerleading. I'm discovering that for her, she needs to see an activity before trying it. I almost think she is afraid of failure. She really doesn't want to try something new if she's already decided that she won't be very good at it. 

The pictures I have included are from various points in January. The hours between Malakai's nap and dinner are the absolute worst. In fact, it has been a downright difficult month with Malakai. There were a couple of days that I actually kept track of how much he fussed, whined, cried, and threw tantrums during the day. I totaled it out to 4-5 hours. That is insane!! And I cannot figure out what to do. I give him snacks, he naps for 1 1/2 to 2 hours during the day, I pull out various activities, I take him outside, but he'll be content for a few minutes and then something will upset him. He's happiest when he's outside but even that doesn't last. So that has led to a lot of stress and exhaustion. 

Today Nate ended up with a day off (which was a surprise!) and this afternoon I was able to get away with just Sanaa and Layla. It was great! Not only did the girls love it, but being away from Malakai for a couple hours actually recharged me. I love my little guy, but I don't love this stage he is going through and there is seriously only so much I can handle. 

But one thing that has given me about 5-10 minutes to get dinner started has been the variety of crafty stuff that we either already have or the girls have been given. The rainbow scratch paper has been a huge hit!

Both Layla and Malakai LOVE painting! They painted one day while Sanaa was in kindergarten and they stayed there for nearly 20 minutes!

We also have some white boards that Nate's mom gave the kids. Malakai was more interested in messing up seeing what Sanaa was drawing that scribbling on his own board.

Then there is tv watching. All kids straddle the couch arm when the watch tv, right?

In Texas, we had several ceiling fans and the girls got so use to them that they stopped paying attention to them. Here, we don't have a single ceiling fan, so when we visit my parents house the ceiling fan will mesmerize all three kids for a good amount of time.

Story time with daddy! I'm amazed they all fit on the rocking chair together.

One day Sanaa got it into her mind that the leaves in the front yard absolutely needed to be raked up. Malakai demanded his own rake and began pulling the leaves from the pile Sanaa had made. Both were very intent on the work they were doing but Sanaa did not appreciate what Malakai was doing. Layla didn't really care and had no interest in joining in on the raking.

Earlier this week I found three bar chairs on Craigslist. The people selling them were only 5 minutes from us, so I was very excited to have found them. The kids LOVE them and enjoy eating all their meals at the counter. Since Nate is rarely home for any meal, feeding the kids at the counter has become so much easier. It also forces me to keep the counter cleared off which surprisingly makes me feel more relaxed since I don't see a constant mess on my counter.

On Friday, when we picked Sanaa up from the bus she told me she didn't feel well. She said her tummy hurt and that she went to the office. She laid down on the couch once we got home and then asked if she could have her lunch in the living room on a tray. So Layla doted on her. It was very cute! After I had lunch made, Layla filled Sanaa's plate, placed it on a tray, and carried it into Sanaa. Layla then came back and made herself a plate and took that on tray into the living room and sat next to Sanaa. Of course, after Sanaa ate she was back to her normal self. I told Nate about this and he commented that their relationship is perfect. Layla loves to do things for people and Sanaa enjoys being waited on! We'll see how this changes as they grow older.

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