Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Accessorizing & dressing

When Sanaa was about 3 years old and even 4 years old she went through a faze where she had to wear as many hair clips as possible. Layla is starting to go through something similar. Layla insists on always dressing her self and adding accessories. Most of the time Layla will only keep the clips in her hair for an hour or so. Unlike Sanaa, Layla usually doesn't like anything in her hair (even a pony tail). So while she likes to put the clips in, she's usually quick to take them out as well.

One evening while I helped the girls finish their bath, Malakai rummaged through the girls hair accessory drawer and kept putting the red flower clip on his head. He would give me a huge smile each time he placed it on his head.

Layla's outfit one day, complete with hair accessories she did herself.

For Christmas, both girls got a lot of fun nail polish. They spent a lot of time over the holiday break doing their nails. Neither of them would let me help and they both did a pretty good job.

Layla even got the hang of drying her toe nails with my hair dryer so that she could go play sooner.

These next pictures of Layla are blurry but I decided to include them because a majority of the time she doesn't stand still for pictures. She is either dancing or trying to show off some how. For some reason she really wanted a picture of herself in this dress, but wouldn't stop dancing and spinning when I took the pictures.

And finally, if she is still for a picture, then she's most likely making a face. Layla wore this red jumper the Sunday before Christmas. The jumper is actually mine that my mom made when I was a little girl. I found it in a box out in the garage and while it's just a little big on Layla, she loves wearing it. I think it's fun seeing her in something that I wore as a little girl.

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