Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A zoo for the animals

On Pinterest I saw a storage idea for stuffed animals. It was an animal zoo (click here to see what I based our "zoo" idea off of)! I had this idea in mind for awhile and was casually looking around for a bookshelf. When my parents came to babysit our kids at the beginning of January, I showed my dad the animal zoo I wanted to recreate. He said that he had an old cabinet that my brother gave him and he thought it might work for my project. So with my dad's help I made an animal zoo for the girls' stuffed animals out of my brother's old cabinet.

This past Saturday after Sanaa was done cheerleading, I drove the kids over to my parents house and my dad helped me remove the shelf and drill some holes. I brought the cabinet home to paint (along with a second cabinet that I'm using for a different project! Once it's completed I'll share it.).

I didn't even think about taking a picture before we took the door off and the shelf out. But I got a couple shots once we had the holes drilled as we put the bungy cords on. I also got a shot of my dad removing some nails that were sticking out.

I originally planned to paint it white. But after one coat it still looked like it hadn't been painted at all. The girls kept asking me to paint it red and I happened to have a can of red paint that we brought with us when we moved to Oregon from Texas.

Both girls helped paint and really enjoyed themselves. Since it was so cold in the garage it took awhile for the paint to dry, but I only needed two coats to get it covered.

Today we finished the final details on the "zoo." Both girls helped attach the bungy cords. Layla was a bit stubborn and wanted to stretch the cords by herself even though it was hard. Sanaa tried to stretch the cords across but ended up asking me to help her. Malakai just stood nearby drinking Layla's water and watching them.

The kids also spent time "strumming" the bungy cords. But they lost interest in doing that fairly quick because the cords didn't make any sound.

The girls picked out several wood animals from a craft store and showed me where to glue them on the sides and I added the word "zoo" to the front.

Once we put it into their room they immediately began to fill it up. The best part is that all of their animals fit perfectly! No more animals spilling over onto the floor. And no more dumping out every single animal to get to the one on the bottom! I've had them go through their stuffed animal collection several times but we've reached the point where every animal suddenly seems important to them. Plus, they remember when and where they've received many of their stuffed animals which amazes me.

This turned out to be a really cheap project since the only things I had to buy were the bungy cords and some sand paper (to remove some of the old paint)! I think I only spent about $10. Yay!

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