Saturday, December 21, 2013

Zoo lights

On Wednesday Nate had a day off. We decided to go see the lights at the zoo. In the past we've gone to zoo lights in the evening after it was dark and it was fun, but busy. This year we did something different. We went to the zoo after Malakai's nap and before it got dark. It was great! They close the zoo from 4pm-5pm but if you're already in the zoo you don't have leave. The lights were already on when we arrived, but there were hardly any people there so we could let Malakai was a freely explore without the fear of losing him the crowds. We also go to see some of the animals before it got too dark. Around 5pm (when the zoo reopened for zoo lights) we took a break and had a picnic dinner in one of the restaurants. The girls enjoyed some hot cocoa (that was only luke warm since they don't like really hot drinks). After we ate we finished seeing the lights and left around 6pm just as most of the crowds started arriving for zoo lights. It was perfect for us and we'll probably do something similar each year.

The kids were most fascinated with the carousel. You couldn't ride the carousel but you could see the lighted animals.

This year they didn't have the train working since the zoo is undergoing a lot of construction. They are enlarging the elephant area. So they put up more lights for people to walk around to see. One of things they made was a tunnel of lights. It was really pretty!

Sanaa took the picture of Nate and I with Layla and Malakai.

We also found a flamingo! And since flamingos seem to be Sanaa's favorite zoo animal I made sure to get a picture of her next to it.

Layla also had to take a picture of us, which turned out very blurry. But she also took a picture of the flamingo which turned out pretty good.

They had a gingerbread house in lights. I don't remember seeing it last year.

When we got back to the zoo entrance there was a tiger and Sanaa got her picture with it. Layla was too shy and Malakai wasn't about to go near this huge tiger!

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