Sunday, December 29, 2013

Trip to Texas - part 2: the arboretum

When we lived in Texas our church would go to the Dallas arboretum each spring for a church picnic. I really enjoyed but for some reason I never remember going to the arboretum in the fall. The second day we were in Texas Nate's parents took us to the arboretum and once again the kids had fun running around and exploring. The arboretum now has a new children's area that is awesome! We spent at least 2 hours in the children's area and probably only got half way through you. You could easily spend an entire day just exploring the kids area.

Before we even got to the kids area we walked around and the girls got to see and play in a house set up from pioneer times. They pretended to cook and got to sit in the back of a covered wagon.

A family picture in front of a fountain. I think Carol took at least 10 pictures before getting one where all of us were looking at the camera.

Like I said before, the kids area was awesome. There was so much there it was unbelievable. There was a maze that we got to walk through and when we came out we ran into a bee. Sanaa got her picture taken with the bee, but Layla was too scared.

I think one of the places the kids had the most fun was climbing and jumping around up on top of a tree house. (I guess that's the best way to describe it.) It absolutely terrified me. I don't like heights one bit and the fact that you could see through the netting to the ground which was probably a good 30 feet above the ground. (I asked Nate how high up he thought it was since I'm not sure. I just know it was high.)

Gene loved making fun of me as I stood back and just watched my kids out on the netting. The kids were disappointed to leave this area but I was more then ready to move on.

Of course there was another water area that the kids enjoyed a great deal.

The wind tunnel was cool. I think the girls went in it at least 5 times. The last time we took Malakai in as well. He laughed and then the strong wind caught his breath and he wasn't too sure what to do.

Our final stop on the way out of the arboretum was the pumpkin area. It was amazing to see all the different pumpkins and how different buildings were decorated with them. Malakai was so worn out by this point that he napped in the stroller the entire time we were in the pumpkin area.

When we saw the carriage, Sanaa really wanted to sit inside. Layla really wanted to sit on the front and pretend to drive, but you were only allowed to sit inside. 

I hope our next trip to Texas is longer. It was great to go back to spend time with Nate's parents and see old friends, but the trip was so short that there was many people that I wish I had been able to see but didn't get to.

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