Sunday, December 29, 2013

Trip to Texas - part 1: Children's museum and cookie decorating

Back in November we flew to Texas for a long weekend to visit Nate's parents. We didn't get to spend as much time there as we would have liked since we had to fit our trip in over a break Sanaa had from school. But it was still a good trip since we hadn't been back since we moved. The first day we were there Nate's parents took us to a children's museum. The kids loved it and we spent a few hours there.

One of their favorite parts was playing in the water area. All three kids kept coming back to this area. Malakai was little short, but he still had fun and tried to splash those around him.

Malakai also had a great time practicing walking down a ramp. At first he wasn't too sure and crawled/scooted down but the he decided to he was brave enough to walk and after that he kept going up and down.

Sanaa and Layla had fun in the grocery area. They would fill their baskets and then empty them again. They also enjoyed playing outside in the sand.

Malakai did a lot of exploring and towards the end started carrying a spatula around that he found in the camping area. He wasn't too happy to give it up when it was time for us to move on.

After we were done in the kids area we explored some of the exhibits they had. In the pictures below, Nate and Sanaa wore special glasses and you could pretend you were flying like a bird. It was pretty cool.

One afternoon we also got to decorate cookies. Carol had some special food markers that we used to draw on cookies. Everyone got in on that action!

Even Malakai had a fun time scribbling on his cookie.

Nate is a Timbers fan (the Portland soccer team) and their colors are green and yellow so he decorated his cookie with those colors.

I drew a pumpkin and Sanaa thought what I did was cool and made her own pumpkin. I was quite impressed with how well she drew her pumpkin.

Gene is an USC alumnus so he decorated his cookie accordingly.

The final product. Layla decorated quite a few and her cookies are on the top tray. The rest of our cookies are on the bottom tray.

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