Sunday, December 8, 2013


For Thanksgiving we spent the day at my parent's house. We had wonderful weather on Thanksgiving. It was sunny and chilly but not too cold. The day before Thanksgiving Sanaa and Layla helped decorate cupcakes. Sanaa had been asking to make turkey cupcakes, so that's what we did. I made one to show the girls how to decorate it and then gave them the toppings and let decorate.

Sanaa pretty much followed my example exactly. Layla did the first two similar to mine, but the remaining four she did her own thing.

Sanaa's decorated turkeys are the six on top and Layla's are the six on the bottom. Layla decided her's looked better if the candy went in a circle around the entire cupcake. She then asked if we were making owls! Hers do look more like owls then turkeys.

While at my parents house, my dad put up a second swing. They have one up right now, but Sanaa is starting to get too big for it. Sanaa took the first picture of my dad and I hanging up the swing.

Once it was up we all had to try it! It was pretty fun and you feel like you are going really high really fast since you're swinging out over a hill.

Eventually my dad had to show the girls the "cool" way to swing and they just stood there with big eyes as they watched grandpa stand on the swing and start swinging really high.

My dad then remembered that they had the blue seat swing that I had given them once we moved up to Oregon. We had the blue swing at our house in Texas, but here in Oregon we don't have any trees in our yard big enough to hold the swing. So I gave it to my parents. My dad took down the board that we were using since it was a little hard for the girls and put the blue swing on instead. As the kids get older it'll be really easy to switch out swings as they become more independent at swinging themselves.

Once inside we waited for the turkey to finish cooking and for uncle Ryan, aunt Karen, and Ariana to arrive. To pass the time I found the old connect four game I use to play when I was growing up. I tried to show Sanaa and Layla how to play and they did okay. But quickly lost interest. Instead, Layla and Malakai had a blast just putting all the pieces in and then letting them fall out. It turned out to be a great fine motor activity for Layla and Malakai and kept them entertained for quite awhile.

The last two pictures are ones that Sanaa took of my parents place. I had given her the job of taking pictures with my phone while my dad and I put the swing up. She took some pretty good pictures.

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