Saturday, December 21, 2013

Setting up our Christmas tree

We got our tree about a week after Thanksgiving when Nate had a day off. It was a pretty cold day and we had a light dusting of snow. When we arrived at the place where we got our tree, Malakai was sound asleep in his car seat. So Nate and the girls got to pick the tree. It didn't take them long and soon we were headed home. As we were driving Nate commented that he realized he didn't check to see how tall the tree was. Oh great!

Nate and the girls in front of our van with the tree on top.

Sanaa and Layla were quite excited to help cut the netting off of the tree. So while Malakai continued to nap I gave the girls some scissors and they got to work on cutting the netting.

The tree was bigger than expected. It nearly touches our ceiling (so it's at least 7 feet and most likely closer to 8 feet tall). There's very little room to put a star or anything on top, but it fit. I actually did not see the tree they picked out until we got home and I think the girls did a great job! They picked out a very nice, full tree.

Malakai finally woke up after we had the tree set up and Nate brought him in to see it. Since he was only 6 months old last Christmas, he wasn't sure what to think at first. And then he got very excited about the tree and kept pointing at it.

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