Friday, December 27, 2013

Layla's preschool Christmas party

The Thursday before Christmas Layla had a party at preschool. I showed up with Sanaa and Malakai for the last little bit of the party and the kids were having a blast. They got to have a "snowball" fight with cotton balls. Snowballs were flying all over the room. 

After the snowball fight, the kids sat in a circle to listen to a Christmas story. I don't think this was the best activity for the kids. I have nothing against stories! But this was a long Christmas story and any time the mom read the word left or right the kids were to pass a large candy cane either left or right. They don't know left from right yet and some of them were really starting to lose interest. Layla did a great job though and sat for the whole story.

They finished the party by decorating cookies. Well.... at least the other kids in Layla's class decorated cookies. Layla just scooped up the icing with her plastic knife and ate it. She then started coating her fingers with icing and sprinkles, which is very typical of her!

A couple of shots of her class as they all work on their cookies.

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