Sunday, December 8, 2013

Joyful Noise Choir & JoyBells

The past two Sundays at church the kindergarten students and preschoolers have sung and played bells in the service. This is the only year that Sanaa and Layla will be in the Joyful Noise Choir and JoyBells together. It's been fun watching both of them sing and play bells. Two years ago when Sanaa was 3 years old she was very shy and wouldn't sing but these past two years she has become much more confident and does all the motions and singing. Layla is following in Sanaa's footsteps and has been very shy when on stage. Last Sunday she wouldn't sing at all. At first I thought she would do fine since she was standing up on the stage so nicely.

But once the music and singing started her hands when up to her face. Upon inspecting the pictures I took, my suspicions were confirmed. Layla did indeed have her fingers in her nose. Nice.

When the applause started her fingers came out of her nose and she covered her ears. She then spent the rest of the time with her hands covering her ears.

Sanaa continued to do all the motions while Layla kept her ears covered and Nate and I did our best to not laugh the entire time. Towards the end Layla put her head down and I was honestly afraid she was going to cry. But the song ended and they were taken off stage (mostly likely to Layla's relief).

This Sunday was much better. The girls played the hand bells. The bells are colored coded and the teacher holds up flash cards with the different colors on. When the kids see their color on the card they ring the bells.

Both girls did very well. Layla played a little at the beginning and then ended up just holding her bell the rest of the time. But at least she didn't have her ears covered or fingers up her nose like last Sunday.

The preschoolers were taken off stage after they played the second song, but our worship leader kept the kindergarten students. He had them ring their bells as the choir began singing their first song. I loved it! It was really neat hearing the kids ring their bells with the choir singing in the background.

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