Thursday, December 12, 2013

In the midst of holiday busyness

This week is my one very busy week for the holidays. We've already done so much that it feels like a whole week should have passed by already. Layla had her Christmas concert at preschool on Tuesday night (pictures to come!) and last night the kids had their Christmas pajama party at church while I led MOPS. Tonight I begin all my flute concerts. I have one tonight, one Saturday afternoon, and one Sunday evening.

In the midst of that I'm trying to wrap and buy presents while the girls are at school which doesn't give me much time. Plus, we've had some playdates this week with friends that wanted the girls to come over to decorate cookies. So, yes, it's busy but we're having fun and eating loads and loads of sugar!

But I wanted to share a quick funny story of Malakai. (At least I thought it was funny). I greatly dislike our oven and no matter how much I clean it, any time I bake stuff the smoke detector will go off. I don't dare do any baking during nap time (made that mistake a couple of weeks ago). So, yesterday morning while the girls were gone I decided to make some pizza pockets so that I would have some quick lunches in the fridge this week.

Malakai now understands that whenever I say "hot" and "back up" that he needs to move away from the oven. And he does. He'll start walking backwards to get away from the oven. Yesterday, he was playing nicely when the timer when off. I walked over to the oven to check on the pizza pockets and turned to see where Malakai was. He had picked up one of the child sized folding chairs and was carrying it to the hallway. He placed it under the smoke detector and then started waving his hands in the air. The smoke detector hadn't even gone off, but it's obviously happened so many times that he decided to start waving his hands to prevent it from going off.

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Kristen said...

HA! That is awesome! :)