Friday, December 27, 2013

Graham cracker nativity

One afternoon Sanaa and Layla were starting to get bored. I remember seeing on the internet an idea of a ginger bread nativity but you could use graham crackers. I rummaged through our pantry and pulled out what we had so we could make one. We used graham crackers for the stable and manger. 

Large marshmallows were used for sheep with stick pretzels broken and used as legs for the sheep.

I let the girls crumble up some shredded wheat cereal to use as the hay. We also used chocolate icing (which is all I had) as the "glue" to hold the stable and manger together.

This was Layla's finished product. She let me take a picture of it and then she demolished it.

I also had some animal crackers on hand and since Sanaa was having a great time I let her work on her nativity for as long as she wanted. She used the icing on the bottom of the animal crackers to help them stand up. I also found some mini marshmallows and we used one of them for baby Jesus.

The girls really had a great time, so I think next year I might try to be little more prepared and we can make these again, especially since I didn't really have anything for us to use for Mary and Joseph! Malakai might even be old enough to join in next year. This year I just gave him some of the crackers and marshmallows to snack on.

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