Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cookie decorating

Yesterday (Saturday) I had planned to drive to my parents house to help my mom make cookies. But we got a little bit of snow and ice and the temperature has not gotten past 30 for past the 3-4 days. So we stayed home. I had made ginger cookie dough since Sanaa had been asking to decorate a ginger bread man. I baked up some cookies and after Malakai's nap the kids got to decorate. Malakai didn't understand and just ate everything.

Layla did some decorating and was quite proud of what she did. But then proceeded to crumble up her cookie into a big mess and eat all the icing she could find.

Sanaa spent the most time decorating her cookie and ate it slowly over the past few days with Layla begging for some of the icing on her cookie.

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