Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve Nate had to work. That's no surprise. I think he's worked nearly every Christmas Eve from the beginning of our marriage. Thankfully, the store closes early on Christmas Eve so he's always home in time for us to go to the Christmas Eve service.

Pizza is a favorite meal around here and I often make ours from scratch. Since it was Christmas Eve I decided to shape the dough into a candy cane shape. Sanaa thought it was pretty cool and ask if we could do this each year. So we may just started a new tradition. We'll see. 

Both Sanaa and Layla got to decorate a pizza candy cane. Sanaa's is the top and Layla's is the bottom.

At this point in the season I'm also starting to get cookied out. From school holiday parties to church parties the kids have decorated and eaten so much icing. Most of the time Layla and Malakai ignore the cookie and just eat the icing. Since we still had some plain cookies left, I let the kids decorate some more cookies. They all had fun spreading the icing but Sanaa was the only one to actually eat the cookie.

After Nate got home and ate, we let the kids open the gifts in their stockings. Sanaa and Layla were very excited and Malakai was just excited because his sisters were excited. He watched Layla and Sanaa go through their stockings, but he just held his. We tried to show him that stuff was inside but he didn't get it. 

Sanaa and Layla are into My Little Pony and the different Disney princesses. I found a small stuffed Twilight Sparkle (the purple one) and Pinky Pie (the pink one) for the girls and they loved it.

Malakai loved his green ball that I bought at the dollar store. If I'd known how much he'd like that one gift I could have saved myself a ton of money!

After opening the stockings we still had time before we needed to leave for church so we decided to open the box from Nate's brother and family.

The girls got some new Disney princesses and were screaming in delight when they saw them. I wanted to get a picture of them to send to Caleb and Sarah and right as I got ready to snap the picture, Malakai jumped up and said, "eese!"

Malakai finally let go of his ball long enough to drive the truck he got from Caleb and Sarah into the kitchen.

After that it was time to leave for the Christmas Eve service. Overall it was a good service, but taking our three little kids to a service that started at 8pm was not fun. The girls did get to hold real candles with real fire at the end while we sang and they thought that was pretty cool. But I was constantly watching them because Layla thought it would be interesting to move the fire towards the pew in front of us. I stopped her just before she actually touched the pew with the flame. But then Sanaa swung her head around and her hair almost went into the flame. Meanwhile, Malakai was doing his best to try and get the candle from Nate. I'm sure next year will be better but this year, the service seemed to last forever.

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