Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sanaa's Thanksgiving feast at school

Yesterday at school Sanaa had her Thanksgiving feast. I wasn't sure I could go since I didn't have anyone to watch Layla and Malakai. When I told Sanaa I wouldn't be coming she got very upset. So I emailed her teacher late Monday night to ask if I could bring Layla and Malakai. Mrs. Wolf is awesome. Her response was basically, "Yes! Life is short! Please bring them." Sanaa's teacher is so laid back and understanding. I knew of some teachers at Sanaa's preschool last year who did not like younger siblings to attend any class parties (Sanaa's preschool teacher was not this way thankfully), so I kind of expected kindergarten parties to be a no sibling type of event. But, Layla, Malakai, and I got to attend Sanaa's feast and I'm so glad we did. There were several other parents with younger children there as well, so I wasn't the only one who had to bring younger siblings.

Sanaa's turkey that we decorated a few weeks ago. It's now hanging up in the hallway outside her classroom.

Sanaa all dressed up and ready to sing.

Sanaa and her classmates were suppose to sit with boys on one side and girls on the other. One little girl didn't quite make it to the girls side. The class began by singing us some songs. Their last song they sang in a round which was pretty awesome.

After singing the feast began. They had a ton of food. They enjoyed popcorn, gold fish, pretzels, oranges, apples, raisins, and pumpkin pie. Mrs. Wolf asked all the kids to at least try the pie and they all did. Sanaa even took a small bite! Layla ate half of her pumpkin pie and Malakai finished off Sanaa's pumpkin pie.

Malakai climbed right up and joined in on the feast immediately. There was no holding him back. He even tried to push one of Sanaa's classmates (Evan) out of his chair because he wanted to be at the table eating too. We found an extra chair for Malakai.

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